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Hardware Infotech International is pioneer in producing and providing advanced payment hardware.

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1 Hardware Infotech International is pioneer in producing and providing advanced payment hardware

2 POS Wide range of terminals for small, mid, and enterprise merchants

3  PCI PTS 3.x and 2.x certified  Ultimate security in hardware and operating system  High performance  Wide range of communication from dialup to GPRS  Field service  Easy integration and control  User friendly  Eco friendly POS Highlights

4 NCC Dedicated transaction routing with NCC

5 ISDN/PSTN interface for traditional dialup terminals Ethernet/IP interface for LAN terminals SSL/TLS interface for Wi-Fi or GPRS terminals Built-in Load-balancing for SSL/TLS terminals in a single cloud Up to 250 transaction per second access-grade quality on each interface Up to 10/100 Mbps for uplink traffics (transfer to core layer) IP/Ethernet trunk links to banking switches ISO 8583 integrity PCI-DSS compliancy NCC Highlights

6 Famoco World’s first cost-effective standalone NFC devices

7  Highly cost-effective  Secure by design  Ease of management  Dedicated device Famoco Highlights

8 HSM Migrating smoothly to EMV

9  High speed cryptographic processor  Tamper resistant design (FIPS140-2 Level 3 consistent)  Support of EMV smart cards, EFT-POS and ATM PIN processing  Integration with legacy magnetic stripe and new EMV applications  VISA and MCI specifications compliant  Secure e-Business transactions (e.g. VISA 3-D Secure & MCI SPA/UCAF)  Advanced Key Management Centre facilities  Card Preparation facilities HSM Highlights

10 Park Meter Parking payment automation made easy

11  Central system for monitoring and maintenance of parking  Using contactless cards for payment  Using USSD service as another payment method  Informing users through SMS  Direct connection to traffic police center for monitoring  Car detection in parking lots  Using GPRS for connection to center  Battery operated with optional solar cell charger  Park space reservation system  Portable Police monitoring application (Android) Park Meter Highlights

12 AFM Tracking vehicle fuel consumption and much more

13 Using GPS satellite for tracking GSM/GPRS/3G, Wi-Fi and Zigbee Touch screen Removal detection from vehicle Cortex M3 CPU ECU connection AFM Highlights

14 MPMP All you need to connect Pumps to POS

15  Management of connection between POS and Pumps  Increasing security with removing one to one connection and monitoring all events  Failure detection lights can provide information about status of devices  Support of all Pump models available and can support new Pump  Fraud protection with data encryption MPMP Highlights

16 SD Wi-Fi Run Wi-Fi over SD easily

17  High speed for wireless LAN connections: IEEE802.11b/g up to 54Mbps  DSSS and OFDM modulations  Seamless roaming  Auto fallback  WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)  Support 802.11i security standard through implementation of AES  CCMP and WEP with TKIP security mechanism  802.11e QOS SD Wi-Fi Highlights

18 RTSC Remote touch screen controlling with RTSC

19  USB connection  Wireless transmission of touch screen panel  Cost effective  Easy to install and use RTSC Highlights

20 ACS Various access control implementation with ACS

21  Accepting RFID, MagStripe and Smart cards  Fingerprint module  Android OS  ARM11 CPU  Touch Screen  GSM/GPRS modem  Ethernet connection ACS Highlights

22 The End

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