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User names and passwords

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1 User names and passwords

2 User names You need to have a username to be able to log on to the school network. Your username is unique at school – that means no one else will have the same username as you!

3 Your user name Your USERNAME is made up of:
The first THREE letters of your first name and The first FIVE letters of your last name and The year you arrived at Holgate; that is 2009

4 User names So, Jonathan Wilson would have a username that is:
jonwilso2009 That is made up of the first three letters of Jonathan = jon The first five letters of Wilson = wilso And 2009 jon + wilso = jonwilso2009 Do not use capital letters in your username

5 Passwords The first time you log on to the network, your password is set as password The first time you log on, you will be made to choose your own password. This must be kept secret; you do not write it down and you tell nobody, not even your best friend!

6 Passwords A strong password is one that is hard to guess. It should :
Be five or more characters long NOT be a real word have a mixture of letters and numbers. Therefore: rover is NOT a strong password But ro123ver456 IS a strong password. Do not use capital letters in your password.

7 All students have a school address. This is made up of the user name followed by Therefore the user johsmith2013 wouold have the address:

8 Using You access your in school by opening Internet Explorer and clicking on the icon.

9 Using The screen looks like this:

10 Using Email Click here to write a new message
Double click a message to open it. You can add extra mail folders here

11 Attachments Sometimes you will need to send files with an email.
Begin a new and make sure you add a subject, a message and the address of the receiver!

12 Attachments (2) Click on the paper clip icon and you can then attach a file. Click on Browse, find the file to attach, click Attach and the attached file appears in the Current file attachment box. If you want to add more than one file, before closing this box, click Browse and repeat the process.

13 Attachments (3) Any attached files will appear in your email.
You can then send the .

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