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Getting Started with Chatter (or everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask)

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1 Getting Started with Chatter (or everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask)

2 What’s in this Guide This guide is designed to help you use Chatter successfully. Here’s what you’ll learn:  Tips for success  Great ways to use Chatter  Top tips for Chatter etiquette  Getting involved with the Chatter community  Frequently asked questions

3 Tips for Success (simple steps to Chatter bliss)

4 1. Watch Embedded Chatter Training Video Home Tab Record Detail Page In several places inside Salesforce, you will have the opportunity to watch an introductory Chatter demo

5 2. Update Your Profile Updated Profile – Start with your Photo By updating your profile and contact information, you make it easier to connect and share with other users Tips on what to include on your profile Photo Updated contact information Key skills Past jobs Location Hobbies

6 3. Start Following People 2. Follow them here 1. Find people in your company Top Tip: You can sort by name or last update.

7 Who should I follow? Following people is a great way to stay on top of what’s going on in your organization and to discover new information that will help you do your job better. Go to the People Tab to start following people.  Key executives  Your team  Experts and gurus related to your job  Direct reports  Team members located in other regions  Top Tip: You don’t need to follow everyone who follows you

8 4. Start Following Records You can now follow records that you care about with Chatter.

9 5. Create or Join a Group With Chatter, you can create or join groups to share information easily.

10 6. Check Your Chatter Settings As an user, you can decide whether to receive alerts from Chatter when certain things happen in the system. Where to go: Setup | Personal Setup | My Chatter Settings | My Chatter s

11 7. Who Sees What? Understanding Privacy & Security Home Tab User Profile Page When you type an update into Chatter, where you enter that update will dictate who can (and cannot) see it Record Detail Page Every internal user can see what you post / share Only users with “Read” access to the record can see what you post

12 8. Using Chatter on Mobile (Beta Only) iPhone client v4.2 (Spring ‘10 release) and greater You can upgrade the client to the latest version by going to your mobile. As an user, you need to upgrade to the latest Salesforce Mobile client. Versions that supports Mobile Chatter are: BlackBerry client v11.7 (Spring ‘10 release) and greater

13 Great Ways to use Chatter

14 For Sales Stay on top of changes in customer accounts Collaborate on deals in context Find colleagues who know your decision makers Locate product and industry experts Discover new references and competitive insights For Service Follow high-priority cases and product updates Locate expertise in other departments Collaborate in real time to solve complex cases Get alerts on upcoming SLA milestones Share the latest case updates with sales For Custom App Development Chatterize any custom app built on Add collaborative features to any app you build Browse and deploy hundreds of collaborative apps on the AppExchange For Company-wide Collaboration Collaborate with anyone in your organization Receive real-time updates when app data changes Share files instantly and collaborate in context Click to create groups and collaborate on anything Reduce unwanted blasts and “reply all” s

15 Sales Deal Collaboration Work together on deals, and share information, files, links and important updates right on the deals that you care about

16 Stay on top of Critical Information Stay on top of everything that matters to you, such as deals, cases, invoices, people, and more by following them in Chatter

17 Share Documents You Are Working On Use Chatter to share documents and files you are working on, and collaborate with people in real-time, right from within the feed.

18 Account Collaboration Both Sales and Support teams can quickly and easily share information about key Accounts to address issues in real-time.

19 Discover New Information Learn about new information from people you know and people you don’t. With Chatter you will discover new information and new people that can help you do your job better.

20 Top Tips for Chatter Etiquette

21 Chatter Etiquette Here are some great tips that will make your Chatter more successful:  This is a business tool so keep conversations business related  Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your CEO, HR team or a judge seeing  Don’t post confidential information on your home page or another person’s profile – everyone will be able to see it

22 Chatter Etiquette Here are some examples of Chatter updates that are valuable and some that just add noise Valuable Contributions Any feedback on our sales strategy for next year? Anyone have experience with HIPPA compliance? Have you connected with Jill? She is a guru in the Insurance industry. ACME is using our solution in a really unique way – check it out. Account Team – just resolved the urgent case for our Customer. Please follow-up with our Sponsor. Contributions That Add Noise Team bonus isn’t looking good this quarter. Out late night last night, don’t think I’m going to get much done today. Check out the view from my new office!! Who wants to have lunch at Harry’s? The Lost episode last night rocked

23 Get Involved! (how to get involved in the Chatter community)

24 How to get involved Share your Chatter stories with the rest of the community - #chatter For Chatter news go here Discover and build exciting new Chatter apps

25 Frequently Asked Questions

26 Question: How many users/records can I follow? You can follow up to 500 users or records. We recommend you be selective in who you follow as it will provide better insights through your Chatter feed. Question: I posted something to my managers profile, who can see that? Everyone will be able to see what you posted, as the profile page and the home page feeds are completely public. Feeds on objects, like accounts or opportunities, are limited to who can see those. Question: How come some documents I upload to a feed do not have the preview functionality? The preview functionality will work with most common file formats, but not some that are from niche products.

27 Frequently Asked Questions Question: I’m already seeing items in my feed, how come? We’ve made life easier for you by having you auto-follow up to 25 items that you are most closely working with. Question: Does Chatter work with all browsers? Chatter works with all modern browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Note: Chatter doesn’t work with Internet Explorer 6 Question: How do I search through my feed? Searching for information through your feeds is not part of the beta version, but will be available in a future release of Chatter.

28 Frequently Asked Questions Question: How is Chatter different from other social media tools? Chatter is a business collaboration application that uses many of the same paradigms that you use every single day on the Internet, such as following and connecting with what you care about. Except with Chatter you follow your work colleagues, important documents, opportunities, accounts and customer cases. Question: I have some questions about Chatter, where do I go? You can go talk to your administrator, or go to

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