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-0- Webship Training. 1 Request LSO Webship Account.

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1 -0- Webship Training

2 1 Request LSO Webship Account

3 2 Create User Name and Password

4 Confirmation

5 Lone Star Overnight Services Priority Services − 8:30 a.m. −10:30 a.m. − 3:00 p.m. −Saturday Delivery Ground Services −End of Day or Earlier

6 Initial Setup

7 Select Quick Code

8 Ship To Addresses

9 Save to Address Book

10 Make Shipping Selections/Options

11 Print/Create Airbill

12 View/Print Receipt

13 Schedule Pickup

14 Enter Pickup Details

15 Import/Export Address Books

16 Import Address Book

17 Sample Address Book in Excel/CSV Format

18 Import Address Book Summary

19 New Address Book

20 User Preferences

21 Reports

22 FAQ’s Q: Do I need an LSO account to use Webship? A: Yes and No. To utilize all of the features of Webship, you will need an LSO account. If you need just a few airbills or have not registered for Webship, you can print Airbills by supplying a Credit Card or your Account number. If you are an existing LSO customer with an account, and have registered to use Webship, you will need your account number to logon to our system to print AirBills. If you need to signup / register to use WebShip click here. If you do not already have an LSO Account, please call our Customer Service department at 800.800.8984click here Q: Can I Edit an Airbill or Reprint an Airbill if I made a mistake? A: No, because Airbills have to be unique, we do NOT allow customers to reprint or edit an Airbill.

23 FAQ’s Q: I’m having problems printing my Airbills. What could be the cause? Solution? A: There are several things that can cause an Airbill not to print. Below are listed a few problems we have found and their solutions. Netscape Advertisements turned off – Turn this feature on Using a Mac – Mac development currently in progress. Check back in the future. Security or Firewall Problem – Check with someone in your computer department if you have a firewall. Internet Explorer v4.x does not support form printing – Update to a newer version of Internet Explorer. PopUp Killer download – Turn this product off when printing Airbills.

24 FAQ’s Q: When I print an Airbill the same name/address keeps printing. How do I fix this? A: This is usually caused by a corrupt temp file. Internet Explorer – Goto TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS and Delete Temporary Internet Files. Netscape – See On-Line Help for Netscape on how to Clear Temporary Internet Files. Q: Will I be charged for all of the Airbills that I print and do not use? A: No, we only charge for packages/Airbills that we pickup.

25 FAQ’s Q: What do I need to print Airbills on the Web? A: All you need is an Internet connection and a Web Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mosaic, AOL) running some Version of Microsoft Windows on a PC. Then visit the LSO Website to register for a WebShip Account. LSO Website Q: Do I need any software? How much Disk Space does it require? A: No, all you need is a Web Browser that you should already have on your computer. We do not supply Web Browser Software.

26 FAQ’s Q: Can multiple users at my company use WebShip? Do we need multiple accounts or can we use the same username and password? A: Everyone can use WebShip at the same time. You do not need multiple accounts for different users. Everyone can share a single UserName/Password to access WebShip. There are some advantages of having a Single UserName and Password. Users can Share and Address Book. If you do not want to share an Address Book, then you will probably want to setup different Usernames/Passwords for each user/department.

27 FAQ’s Q: I don’t want to see the Airbills that I printed but didn’t use when I’m running my reports. A: Yes, When running your report select the Order By “Pickup Date” Option this will only show you packages that have been picked up by Lone Star Overnight. Q: If I have multiple users can I run a report that shows everything that has been printed by any of the users at my company? A: Yes, when running your report select the option “All Shipments on this Account”

28 FAQ’s Q: Internet Explorer Script Error An error has occurred in the script on this page. URL: res://C:\WINDOWS\System32\shdoclc.dll/preview.dlg? A: To Resolve this problem: Inside of Internet Explorer goto menu option TOOL > INTERNET OPTIONS Goto the ADVANCED Tab You will see an option called "Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart) Make sure this option is UNCHECKED Then you will need to Close all applications and REBOOT your PC. Q: Can we get an Electronic Copy of our Invoice E-mailed to us? A: LSO does do some limited Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for some customers. If you want more details, please send an E-mail to Webmaster-

29 Contact Information Customer Service: 1-800-800-8984 Website:

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