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The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

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1 The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Know Your Community – Know Your World Presentation The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago The land of the hummingbird ....

2 Fasten your seatbelts …
Take a flight with me … Tobago Name: Jadgesh Ramjit School: MBA student at the University of Akron Hometown: South Trinidad – Penal Career Path: To become an aggressive Finance professional Trinidad Fasten your seatbelts …

3 World Map Highlighting Trinidad and Tobago

4 Trinidad & Tobago Population: 1.3 million (UN, 2010)
Quick Facts: Population: 1.3 million (UN, 2010) Capital: Port of Spain Area: 5,128 sq km (1,980 sq miles) Major language: English Major religions: Christianity, Hinduism Life expectancy: 67 years (men), 74 years (women) (UN) Monetary unit: Trinidad and Tobago dollar US$ = TT$ Main exports: Petroleum, natural gas, chemicals, tourism GNI per capita: US $15,380 (World Bank, 2010) Quick Facts: BBC News Country Profile at Population: 1.3 million (UN, 2010) Capital: Port of Spain Area: 5,128 sq km (1,980 sq miles) .. Almost the size of the US state of Deleware Major language: English …. Particularly Br. English Major religions: Christianity, Hinduism Life expectancy: 67 years (men), 74 years (women) (UN) Monetary unit: 1 Trinidad and Tobago dollar = 100 cents …. Exchange rate from: Main exports: Petroleum and petroleum products, natural gas, chemicals GNI per capita: US $15,380 (World Bank, 2010)

5 Trinidad & Tobago – Rich History 1
Before 1498 – Trinidad was populated by the Carib and Arawak - an indigenous people who called the island “Ieri” In 1498 – Christopher Columbus rediscovered the islands and called it “Island of the Trinity – Trinidad ”. Trinidad was now a colony of Spain In 1797 (300 yrs later) – The British defeated Spain and colonized Trinidad. This period of being ruled by the Queen resulted in people from Africa, China, India and others being brought to the country History of Trinidad and Tobago: Tobago changed hands between the Spanish, British, French and Dutch during the period 1498 to 1962

6 Trinidad & Tobago – Rich History 2
Trinidad and Tobago obtained its independence from the British Empire Trinidad and Tobago became a Republic . History of Trinidad and Tobago:

7 National Flag

8 National Coat of Arms


10 National Flower - Chaconia

11 National Instrument – Steel Pan

12 Trinidad & Tobago – Geography

13 Trinidad & Tobago – Politics
Government: Parliamentary Democracy Elections: Every five (5) years Voting age: Eighteen (18) years Electoral party: Two (2) major parties: - The United National Congress (UNC) and the People’s National Movement (PNM) Current Prime Minister: The Honorable Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar Current President: His Excellency Professor George Maxwell Richards Geography:

14 Trinidad & Tobago – Economics
Major Exports: Petroleum and Petroleum products, liquefied natural gas (LNG), methanol, ammonia, urea, steel products, cocoa, coffee, and tourism Major Imports: Industrial lubricants and other related products, Manufactured goods, wheat, sugar and Machinery and Transport equipment Major Trading partners: Other Caribbean countries, Canada, The Unites States of America and Mexico Fiscal Authority: The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange: The Stock Exchange of Trinidad and Tobago Money: The Trinidad and Tobago dollar Imports and Exports:

15 Trinidad & Tobago – Society
Education: All kids start primary school at age four (4) or five (5) and then proceed to secondary school for five year with good performance. All children attend secondary school for 7 years. For the last two years of secondary school kids write the Advanced Level exams administered by London Cambridge before going to university. Tertiary Education: Undergraduate studies last for 3 years - The University of Trinidad and Tobago or the University of the West Indies Jobs: Services; transport, retail , government services, and tourism, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas Society - Jobs: Trinidad and Tobago Economic sectors, Information about Economic sectors in Trinidad and Tobago

16 French/African: Patios
Music and Influence Spanish Influence : Parang African Influence: Calypso Indian Influence: Chutney Combination of all cultures: Soca Cuisine- Indian, African, Chinese and West Indian Languages- Spanish, Hindi, Patios, Br. English and ‘Trini’ English French/African: Patios Hindi Spanish

17 Local’s who touched the world!
Brian Charles Lara- Cricket World Record Holder Wendy Fitzwilliam- Miss Universe 1998 Anya Ayoung Chee- Project Runway Winner

18 Local’s who touched the world!
Nikki Minaj- Hip Hop Superstar Machel Montano - Soca King Shaka Hislop- Trinidad and Tobago Soccer Player Heather Headley- R&B singer

19 Festivals and Celebrations

20 Festivals and Celebrations
Ramadan Emancipation Christmas & Boxing day Diwali

21 Festivals and Celebrations
Hosay Tobago heritage festival Holi

22 Local Delicacies Pelau Bake and Shark Doubles

23 Local Attractions Water Front (Port-of-Spain) Pitch Lake

24 Local Attractions National Academy for the Performing Arts
Hanuman Murti

25 Local Attractions Tobago Bucco Reef

26 Thank you for visiting…..

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