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Capitulo 1A-Apuntes #1 El Infinitivo/The Infinitive.

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1 Capitulo 1A-Apuntes #1 El Infinitivo/The Infinitive

2 *Verbs are words that name actions *Verbs in English have different forms depending on who is doing the action I, you, he, she, it, we, they and when the action is occurring past, present, future

3 *The INFINITIVE is the most basic form of a verb

4 *In English, the infinitives usually have the word to in front of the verb: to swim, to read, to write

5 *In Spanish, the infinitives dont have a separate word like to in front of the verb. *Spanish infinitives are one word and always end in: -ar -er or -ir *For example: nadar leerescribir

6 Escucha: You are going to listen to some verbs. What verb group do they belong to: -ar-er-ir correr patinar leer escribir trabajarir nadar ver

7 *Do Actividad #9 pagina 32 y Actividad #11 pagina 33 *In addition, do Practice Workbook 1A-5 -AR-ER-IR nadar *Total of 13 VERBS

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