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Me gusta y No me gusta.

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1 Me gusta y No me gusta

2 Campeones (CHAMPS) Durante la presentación: C – Conversación H – Ayuda
A – Actividad M – Movimiento P – Participación S – Éxito

3 Recuerden: Tomen apuntes en estilo CORNELL. (FECHA LARGA)
Left Side Right Side Preguntas / Questions Topics / Temas Suggestions for this will be in PURPLE at the top of each slide. Notes Useful information relating to the topic.

4 Video: Introduccion de Me gusta

5 I like… and I don’t like…
Me gusta = I like We can also add “ A mí” in front of me gusta to emphasize “I” Example: A mí me gusta ______. No me gusta = I don’t like A mí no me gusta ___________.

6 Me gusta + Verb Me gusta and No me gusta is to be followed by a VERB in the INFINITIVE FORM. For example: Me gusta leer. I like to read. Me gusta comer. I like to eat.

7 Infinitive Verbs: What is a verb?
A verb is an action or state of being. For example: I am funny. I ate the hot dog. An infinitive verb is the base form of a verb. In English we see this as: TO eat, TO sleep, etc. The “to” indicates base form.

8 Examples of Infinitive Verbs in Spanish:
What do you notice about these Verbs? Bailar (to dance) Estudiar (to study) Escuchar música (to listen to music) Practicar deportes (to play sports) Nadar (to swim) Esquiar (to ski) Dibujar (to draw) Cantar (to sing) Usar la computadora (use the computer) Montar en bicicleta (to ride bikes) Montar en monopatín (to skate) Jugar videojuegos (to play videogames)

9 All of the verbs listed end in –ar!
Did you notice… All of the verbs listed end in –ar! These are called –ar verbs. They are the most common type of verb in Spanish.

10 More infinitive verbs:
Correr (to run) Ver la tele (to watch T.V.) What do you notice about these types of verbs? Yes, they end in –er. These are the second most common types of verbs in Spanish.

11 More infinitive verbs:
Escribir cuentos (to write stories) What do you notice about this type of verb? Yes, it ends in –ir. These verbs are the third and last type of verb in Spanish.

12 Types of Verbs: In conclusion: There are 3 types of verbs in Spanish:
-ir Verbs ending in –ar, -er, -ir are called infinitive verbs. They are in their base form.

13 ¿Cómo se dice…en español ?
I like to dance. Me gusta bailar. I don’t like to play videogames. No me gusta jugar videojuegos. I like to skate. Me gusta montar en monopatín. I don’t like to run. No me gusta correr.

14 Una canción para recordar.
VIDEO de Me gusta.

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