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Room 17 Power Point Presentations about Famous People from Massachusetts.

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2 Room 17 Power Point Presentations about Famous People from Massachusetts

3 Henry David Thoreau Jennie Mrs. Thonus Grade 3 - MMEHMCPS

4 Henry David Thoreau was born in 1817 on July 12 and died in 1862 on May 6 at age 44. His birth house (photo left) was his grandmother’s farmhouse just outside of Concord, Massachusetts. He lived most of his life in Concord.

5 Picture is of Henry David Thoreau as a young man. He entered college at 16 at Harvard University. He had a good sense of humor. He was intelligent. He liked to spend time by himself.

6 Concord, Massachusetts Picture from Henry David Thoreau’s time. He was a teacher for a little while after getting out of college. He loved young people his whole adult life. Thoreau was best known as a writer.

7 He is best known for writing Walden, Civil Disobedience, and Cape Cod poems and stories. Henry David Thoreau hated slavery. He wanted all people to be free and treated equally. He went to jail for not paying taxes to fund the Mexican/ American war. This is Civil Disobedience.

8 The Wellfleet Penman Henry David Thoreau at Cape Cod, 1857 He spent time on Cape Cod writing about its beaches and wild life.

9 "In warm evenings I frequently sat in the boat playing the flute, and saw the perch, which I seem to have charmed, hovering around me..." - Henry David Thoreau He loved to be in nature. He was called a naturalist. He would be called a conservationist today. He sat in a boat on warm nights watching herring and perch.

10 Thoreau said after being at Walden Pond Henry David Thoreau lived at Walden Pond from July 4, 1845 to September 6, 1847 (2 year, 2 months, and 2 days) He liked to hike through the woods near his home.

11 Walden Pond is a 102-foot (31 m) deep pond, 61 acres in area about 1.7 miles around, located in Concord, Massachusetts. Walden Pond is a kettle hole created by a glacier.

12 A copy of the one-room cabin near the Walden pond where Thoreau lived. The cottage is not far from Walden Pond.

13 Diagram of Thoreau cabin at Walden pond. He wanted to live simply with nature a Walden Pond

14 Walden Pond park area was saved from being built on because of his writings. Walden pond park in Concord, MA today. Map of park Over 600,000 visitors annually to Walden Pond

15 Walden Pond summer and fall

16 Headstones at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, MA He is buried in the part of the cemetery called author’s ridge I think he was intelligent by the way he wrote and how well he told people his opinions.

17 Maria Mitchell Researched by Lydia

18 Personal Information Maria Mitchell Born August 1, 1818 in Nantucket, MA She was the third of ten children Her parents were Lydia and William Mitchell Died June 28, 1889 in Lynn, MA

19 Education Maria went to the School for Young Ladies She was taught by her astronomer father Learned from books at The Nantucket Atheneum In 1853, awarded the first advanced degree to a woman from Indiana Hanover College

20 Major Accomplishments Discovered ‘Miss Mitchell’s Comet’ on October 1, 1847 Received gold medal from King Fredrick of Denmark for her discovery First woman member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences President of the American Association for the Advancement of Women

21 Major Accomplishments Professor of Astronomy at Vassar College Given an honorary degree form Columbia College Put into the Hall of Fame for Great Americans in 1905 In 1859, awarded the Medal of Merit from Switzerland

22 Interesting Facts Crater on moon named after her Most famous American scientist of the 19 th century First professional woman astronomer in United States Involved in the anti-slavery movement

23 Personality Maria was clever, independent and adventurous. I think Maria was clever because she received a lot of awards at a time when women usually didn’t go to school. When she was 38 years old she accepted an offer to travel to New Orleans and London. She remained in Europe and went to France on her own, then continued to Rome with Nathaniel Hawthorne’s family.

24 If Maria Hadn't Existed Maria showed that women were capable of doing any job. We probably wouldn’t know a lot about the things Maria discovered if she didn’t exist. We wouldn’t know that women could study astronomy or get educated instead of cleaning, cooking, sewing, all those things women did. Maria showed that women can do anything!

25 Impact Maria Mitchell proved to the world that women were smart and could have careers and contribute to society. She believed in education and was known for many quotes including, “Did you learn that from a book or did you observe it yourself?”

26 Maria at work

27 Maria Mitchell Home and Observatory

28 This information was collected from the following websites : Maria Mitchell - Historical Eclipse Chaser Women in History - Maria Mitchell Distinguished Women of Past and Present 4000 Years of Women in Science

29 Thank you for watching my presentation on Maria Mitchell and I hope you enjoyed it! Created by Lydia

30 By Lindsay

31 1802 Feb. 15 East Road Adams, MA

32 Susan had 7 brothers and sisters A picture of Susan’s face is on a $1.00 coin allowedShe voted when she was not allowed She wanted no slaveryShe wanted no slavery After her death women could voteAfter her death women could vote She moved to new York when she was 6She moved to new York when she was 6 She went to school for 15 yearsShe went to school for 15 years She learned to read and write when she was 3She learned to read and write when she was 3 She became a teacherShe became a teacher She losingShe was losing eyesight so she had a operation to fix it

33 Woman might not vote

34 Help woman get the right to vote

35 I think Susan’s personality is determined because Susan B. Anthony didn’t give up

36 Paul Revere By Cody

37 Birth date Paul Revere He was born on January 1 1735 in Boston Massachusetts.

38 Interesting Facts He Fought the Indians. He Was a dentist. He was a Patriot Leader. He Married Sarah Orne. He Worked in gold and silver shop. He was kept for hours by British.

39 Major accomplishments His Midnight ride across the country. He was the express rider. He printed money.


41 If Paul Revere didn’t exist We would have still been owned by the king. We would have lost the war

42 Paul Reveres impact His impact on people today is how brave he was for going on his midnight ride and escaping from the British.

43 Paul Reveres personality I think he was brave because of his midnight ride and escaping from the British.

44 Ben Franklin Researched by Joseph

45 Birth and death Boston January 17 1706 April17 at 84 age

46 Interesting facts Invented swimming paddles for hands and feet. Invented the newspaper cartoon.

47 Major accomplishments Invented the franklin stove He wrote poor Ricards almanack He invented the printing press Found out lightning was electricity He invented the bifocal lenses

48 Paul Revere Researched by Justin

49 When he was born.He was born in Boston 1734 in December.

50 What father taught him His father taught him to make things out of silver and gold.

51 When his father died Paul took care of the family.

52 Major accomplishment He made the midnight ride to Lexington to warn John Hancock and Sam Adams that the british were coming.

53 Married Paul married Sarah Orne they hade eight children. When she died Paul married Rachel Walker. They also had eight children and some of them died.

54 What might be different We might have lost the war against king George and his men. John Hancock and Sam Adams would have been Arrested.

55 Personality Paul was a hard worker. He was a silver smith and took after his father.

56 Researched by Hannah Emily Dickinson

57 Interesting facts BORN December10 1830 at Amherst, Mass. She was the 2 nd child born to Emily Norcross

58 She was 50 when she died. December 10, 1830 because of A sickness

59 John Hancock Researched By: Claire

60 Facts About John Hancock John Hancock was First to sign the Declaration of Independence John Hancock was part of the Second Continental Congress

61 More Interesting Facts John Hancock was a rich and wealthy man. He was the richest man in New England.

62 When and Where he was Born? John Hancock was born in Braintree (now Quincy) Massachusetts. His father died and after that his did uncle die too.

63 Ben Franklin Researched by Harrison

64 Interesting facts about Ben Ben Franklin was the 10 th soap maker in his family. He also wrote Poor Richard`s Almanac. He spent many night practicing writing. Ben Franklin discovered that lighting is electricity

65 John Hancock By Kenny

66 Facts about John Hancock John Hancock was born in 1737 and he was also the first member to sign the Declaration of Independence.

67 All about John Hancock John Hancock wanted everybody to like him. He wasn’t a Tory. John Hancock was part of the Boston tea party

68 John F. Kennedy By Nico

69 Born When and Where. Born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 21.

70 Great Accomplishments Youngest President ever elected. He was 43 when he was elected.

71 Clara Barton Researched by Toria

72 Clara Barton Clara Barton born was December 25 1821. She was born in North Oxford MASS.

73 Clara Barton Clara was the founder of the Red Cross. She was 2 years as a nurse. Became a teacher when she was 17. Clara help many soldiers. Wrote in different languages. 600 people attendance the school. They hired a boy. Not Clara. People called her the Angel of the battle. Searched for the missing soldiers.

74 Deborah Sampson By: Briauna

75 About Deborah Deborah was the oldest of 6 children. When she grew up she wanted to be in the army. They would not let her in because was a women. She dressed up as a man and finally got in.

76 Deborah Sampson

77 Birth Date Deborah was born in Plimpton M.A. December 17, 1760. She died April 29,1827 at the age of 66.

78 I think Deborah is brave because she took a big risk to be in the army.

79 Horace Mann By Ryan

80 About Horace Mann He was born in Franklin M.A. He died on August 27,1859. He was 63 years old when he died.

81 Major accomplishments in his life Often called the father of common schools. Was the president of Anitoch College. Helped with the laws.

82 What might have been different if Horace Mann did not exist I think there would not be any public schools in Massachusetts if Horace Mann did not exist.

83 Thank you for watching our Power Point Presentation. By Room 17

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