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Benjamin Franklin Niko Gonzalez Ms. Marshall W. Stiern Middle School

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1 Benjamin Franklin Niko Gonzalez Ms. Marshall W. Stiern Middle School
Standard HSS 7.11

2 Birth and Young Life Ben Franklin was born on Jan. 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts. He was one of seventeen children, Benjamin was the youngest son. His parents could not afford to give Ben more than two years of school. Between the ages of 8 and 10 he went to school. His teachers did not expect him to be famous at all.

3 Childhood As a young boy, Benjamin Franklin wanted to be a scientist.
He would always try find out why the way it was, and also try to improve it. Ben experimented with all kinds of things to improve his swimming. Another experiment was, he tried to fly a kit while he was swimming and he floated from the shallow to the deep end of the pool.

4 Early Adulthood When Benjamin Franklin got a little bit older he learned a profession by working for someone whose trade he wanted to master. He was so familiar with books ,Benjamin Franklin decided that he wanted to learn and be a printer. He was so familiar with books, he would be an apprentice, a kind of student-worker for his brother James. He learned fast and because of that he was a hard worker.

5 Printing In Boston, Ben Franklin worked hard on learning how to operate the printing presses and how to sell the results. When Ben Franklin was seventeen, he felt he had learned about printing. Ben did not get along with his brother James as the boss, so he left Boston and went to Philadelphia. He was very poor, but he knew his trade. In Philadelphia, he found a job as a printer’s assistant. After a few years of hard work, he opened up his own printing shop, in Philadelphia.

6 Publisher Before long, Benjamin Franklin combined his printer’s trade along with his writing talents. He bought a newspaper called The Pennsylvania Gazette and became the publisher of the newspaper. Franklin also wrote and printed his own book called Poor Richard’s Almanack. It came out once a year, full of practical advice, good humor, and lively sayings.

7 Electricity Benjamin Franklin liked to watch a magic electricity show in 1743. The host was Dr. Spencer and he would perform tricks with what we call static electricity. Benjamin Franklin went to one of his shows and after the show he spoke with Dr. Spencer. Ben wanted to know why the tricks worked. Dr. Spencer admitted that he did really understand how or why the tricks worked.

8 Experiments Ben Franklin was so amazed by what he saw that day. He wanted to investigate the subject himself. After he retired from printing in 1748, he stood loyal to electricity the next five years. Franklin began his experiments with very simple tools He used a two foot long tube, and a piece of silk or leather. He used a the leather to rub the glass tube. The rubbing filled the tube with static electricity.

9 Inventions Ben Franklin was also a great inventor. He invented many things we use today. Such as bifocals, swim fins a glass armonica, watertight bulkheads for ships, the lighting rod, an odometer, and the wood stove, also known as the Franklin stove. Ben Franklin’s most successful invention is the bifocals because most of the United States have and wear bifocal eyeglasses.

10 Retirement The book was very popular and helped make himself become a wealthy man. When Ben Franklin was 44 years old, he decided that he had enough money to retire. He wanted free time to experiment, and explore his varied and many interests. Although he loved reading books, he gave up his printing career to do other things.

11 Bibliography Feldman, Eve. Benjamin Franklin Scientist and Inventor Morgan, Edmund. Benjamin Franklin.

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