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Famous Americans Mercedes.

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1 Famous Americans Mercedes

2 Paul Revere ( ) He was a Silversmith (he made spoons, plates and teapots. He lived when England ruled the Colonies. He belonged to the club “The Sons of Liberty” who wanted freedom from England. The British Government put taxes on goods that they bought. Revere was also a mail carrier. He warned all of the colonists that the British were coming. He was captured then they let him go, but they kept his horse. The war started in 1775and ended in 1783 (The war lasted eight years.) He was a patriot that had diligence. Diligence – hard worker Liberty – freedom from others. He died when he was 83 years old

3 Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)
He was 77 years old when he died He was a slave, and this is a obstacle he faced He was separated from his parents when he was only a baby. He is from Baltimore, Maryland, a slave state. He learned how to read and write on his own He worked for a ship builder He had to give the money he earned to his owner He planned his escape by dressing up as a sailor and escaped to New York City on a train. He borrowed papers and escaped In 1843, he made lots of speeches in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Ohio. He was a abolitionist His friends and him paid Hugh Auld $ and Douglass became free from slavery. He wrote a newspaper called “ The North Star” His grandson’s name was Joseph. He helped slaves hide in “The Underground Railroad”. Douglass was determined because he did not give up when he was a slave.

4 Mary McLeod Bethune Justice Respect for authority Diligence
She couldn’t read but she learned how to. She couldn’t go to school with white children. A statue was made in 1974 to honor Bethune. She had $1.50 to start a school. She became a teacher in GA. She had to travel to NC to go to a special HS for black girls.

5 Susan B. Anthony Justice – equal treatment under the law.
Diligence –hard work over a long time. Anthony was arrested for voting illegally. Women couldn’t vote and if they did they got arrested. She became a teacher. She was against slavery. SLAVERY She wrote a letter to her dad complaining that she didn’t get paid as much as others, and she got fired. Boys and girls were not treated the same.

6 Franklin D. Roosevelt F.D.R Diligent ,Cooperative The only child Couldn’t walk from Polio Started camps at his school The New Deal helped with jobs President of the United states of America The New Deal helped with the Great Depression

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