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How Tolerance Cannot be Built with Child Sex Trafficking

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1 How Tolerance Cannot be Built with Child Sex Trafficking
By: Lexie Miller Period: 2 Humanities Date: 4/10/12 How Tolerance Cannot be Built with Child Sex Trafficking

2 Child Sex Trafficking Definition: “recruiting” of children upon force for sexual exploitation. Effect: causes HIV/AIDS, mental and physical damage, pregnancy, drug addiction, malnutrition, and possibly death Reason: lack of prostitutes, poverty, tourism Prone: economic status is low, lack of citizenship, age (most children), mostly women (Fox News) ( (

3 Relating to Tolerance Tolerance: practice of permitting a thing of which one disapproves (social, ethnic, religious) Trafficking contradicts this idea, because tolerance cannot be built with some things. Yet, officials tolerate this behaviour anyway... Why? Why do people build tolerance to horrible things? Example: Spring Woods tolerates dress code because they have to focus on worse problems (behaviour, drugs, etc).

4 Thailand’s Intolerable Tolerance
Police corruption due to involvement in trafficking (main reason) Lack of governmental monitoring Lack on ability to identify cases and victims Lack of knowledge about trafficking The Thailand government sees prostitution as a source of revenue. Some police even beat children who serve as prostitutes in order to find the pedophiles. They focus on other issues (like illegal immigrants) ( (Thai-Police Uniform)

5 Thailand Trafficking Over thousands women and children have been sold into sex trafficking in Thailand since (There’s no precise number because no one really documents statistics for a secret crime) ( Thailand exports and imports its victims (mostly women) to and from Europe, Russia, Poland, Czech and Slovakia, South America, Yugoslavia ( Many children (mostly girls) are kidnapped, drugged, and sold into brothels. (The Evil Behind the Smiles) More than 40% of prostitutes in Thailand are children. (The Evil Behind the Smiles) Children are either kidnapped, volunteer themselves, or sold by their parents into trafficking. Many foreigners participate. (

6 Basically... Thailand is involved immensely with child sex trafficking due to the large number of tourists (who participate) and the money it gives. Thailand is tolerant due to the corrupt police force involved, also due to the fact that there are other crimes they worry about. By playing “devil’s advocate”, this presentation shows that tolerance cannot be built with some things. One example is this- child sex trafficking. ( (

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