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Welcome to the Child Development Permit Workshop

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1 Welcome to the Child Development Permit Workshop
Sponsored by the Cerritos College Child Development Club CD Club Advisors: Angie Beck and Susan Gradin Thank you to Club officers for their help with the workshop!

2 Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

3 Why apply for the Child Development Permit?
Currently entitles the holder to teach in state and federally funded programs Programs receiving LAUP funds Los Angeles Universal Preschool Down the road maybe required by all Child Development Centers In the future An Early Learning Credential

4 Who gives you the Permit?
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

5 Who will help you pay for the permit?
Child Development Training Consortium At certain levels (see next slide) They pay for your Permit fee Will reimburse you for part of the fingerprinting cost ($51)

6 1.Assistant (first-time and renewal)
The Child Development Training Consortium will pay for the following levels: 1.Assistant (first-time and renewal) 2. Associate Teacher (first-time, upgrade and renewal) 3. Teacher (first-time, upgrade and renewal) 4. Upgrades from one of the three lower level permits to Master Teacher, Site Supervisor or Program Director

7 The Child Development Permit Matrix

8 Understanding the Matrix
Permit Titles Education Requirements Experience Requirement Alternative Qualifications Authorization Five Year Renewal – 105 Professional Growth HOURS Possible to renew online

9 Which level will you apply for:
Assistant Associate Teacher Teacher Master Teacher Site Supervisor Program Director

10 The Application Process
The Forms Make sure every question is answered!

11 The forms: All forms filled out in black ink. See checklist!
Place on form for CD instructor to sign Look at checklist – go over each form required Livescan + Green Form Verification of Hours Form – Take to employer Also send official transcripts (sealed)

12 All forms will be sent to the Consortium!
The Consortium will check your forms and send on to the Commission. Label for envelope!

13 How long will it take to receive you permit?
6 weeks to 6 months Reminder: you will receive an from the commission when your permit is ready. Then you go on the Commission’s website to print

14 Once you print out your Child Development Permit:
Start keeping track of your Professional Growth Hours! (105 hours)

15 Need to document these hours
Forms provided by the Commission and the Child Development Training Consortium, and in your handout 

16 You may:
1. Complete one or more college or university courses 2. Attend a conference or workshop 3. Provide service in a leadership role in your center. 4. Provide service in a leadership role in a professional organization (BCAEYC!!). 5. Provide service as a professional growth advisor. 6. Conduct educational research and innovation. 7. Perform systematic programs of observation and analysis of teaching. 8. Participate in a program of independent study. 9. Improve basic skills 10. Participate in creative endeavors. 11 Receive your First Aid/CPR card

17 You should print Professional Growth Manual from website
Choose a Professional Growth Advisor

18 Do you have a professional portfolio??
Items to include in your portfolio: Resume Your Educational Philosophy Reflections Certificates of Professional Conferences and Workshops Awards Letters of reference Certificates of membership in professional organizations Transcripts Professional Growth Plans

19 The reflections piece is what makes your portfolio meaningful and not just a scrapbook of paperwork.
Reflections show that you can bring experience and knowledge together in a personally meaningful way Connect theory to practice Gain insight into who you are as a teacher

20 As someone new to this field, think about course work that you could include in your portfolio:
Your baby book from CD 110 Your child’s portfolio from CD 139 Your experiences from CDEC 164

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