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Getting Ready to Complete Your MNCPD Registry Application

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1 The Minnesota Center for Professional Development… This Center is for You

2 Getting Ready to Complete Your MNCPD Registry Application
Have an active account set up. Gather and copy your training certificates. Graduation date from high school Dates you attended college/universities Employment dates (this includes the start date for family home providers) Include all your work experience that relates to early childhood and school-age care. Program License Number (This is on the DHS license for both Center and Family providers) Professional organization memberships (dates and proof of) Have your official transcripts sent to; and send copies of your training certificates to: Minnesota Center for Professional Development 1450 Energy Park Drive Suite 147 St. Paul, MN 55108

3 Steps to the application
Website address is Click on Minnesota Registry and scroll to “Join the Registry”

4 A User ID is your e-mail address. An automated
will be sent to your account with your password. If you have not entered into the system you can choose one of these options

5 If you have attended an event that was posted on the Registry you may already have an account… trainers will post attendance to their trainings which is part of the Registry Training Agreement.

6 You will see the status of your application… once an application is submitted the application will be locked and the you will not be able to add or edit your application. (You do not want to use the submit button until you have completed your application)

7 Information with an asterisk beside it is a required field ; you must fill in an answer to move forward with the application process

8 The Registry requires you to submit “official transcripts” from all higher education institutes . Why official transcripts? To check: credits that are related or directly identified as early childhood or school-age education and care credits if the credits are semester or quarter credits that the school issuing the credits is an accredited institute

9 Other Education: This includes other certificates, diplomas, credentials or other specialized training . It is also where you fill in First Aid and CPR training.

10 CDA –Drop down for the appropriate credential; CDA Advisor will have a section and drop down to identify which area is their specialization.

11 Employment Section: Each position should be entered; enter end date of any position you no longer hold. Click “Add new employment for each position. After each position has been added click “Finished”

12 Each direct care position can be looked up on the search, either by program name or license number. Using the program license number is the fastest way to search for a program. Use the first set of numbers of the license (do not enter anything past the first hyphen in the license number.) If the program is not listed or is a non-direct care position click on “Go to other program lookup”

13 Other Program Look-up: This section is for programs that are not listed in the search function or if the direct care organization is no longer in operation. Please fill out all required information.

14 This part of the Employment Section asks to describe your position title, age group, start and end date, hourly wage , date of last wage increase. Some information is not required, but we encourage everyone to fill out all fields The Registry will use the information as part of the reporting process on the “state of the workforce.” No one is individually named in this process.

15 National and State Membership in Professional Organizations… you will receive a gold seal on your “Certificate of Achievement” to signify you are a member of a professional organization. Please send in proof of membership.

16 All approved training will have a Registry event number on the training certificate. Trainings events may automatically be entered by the trainer.

17 This additional information is also used to show policy makers the demographics of the early childhood and school-age workforce.

18 Learning Records

19 Two different views of your Learning Record are available : the first one is aligned with the core content area of the Minnesota Core Competencies

20 The second view is aligned with the CDA content areas
The second view is aligned with the CDA content areas. This will keep you updated as to what trainings you may need to take to complete the required hours for the CDA credential.

21 To print or view your complete Learning Record select a format (Excel or Acrobat PDF file is the most common) and then click on Export.

22 Professional Development Tools
The ITNA helps you reflect on your practices in working with children. It can help you decide what content areas you may need to concentrate some training in and also shows you where your strengths lie when working with children and families.

23 MNCPD Professional Development Plan
The Professional Development plan will help you plan out your on going professional development and course work, step by step to achieve your professional career goal.

24 Visit us often at Phone # 651-999-5835 MNCPD
Metropolitan State University 1450 Energy Park Drive Suite 147 St. Paul, MN 55108

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