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The United Nations Youth Advocate Program International 4000 Albermarle St. NW, Suite 401 Washington DC, 10016, USA

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1 The United Nations Youth Advocate Program International 4000 Albermarle St. NW, Suite 401 Washington DC, 10016, USA

2 ◘What is a human right? ◘Who is considered a child? ◘What rights do you think you should have as a child? ◘Do children all over the world have their rights protected? ◘Have your rights ever been violated? How did you feel? ◘Who makes international laws? Who enforces them? ◘Have you ever heard of the CRC? What do you know? Source: RUGMARK Foundation

3 Children’s rights are violated throughout the world every day… Basic Facts ◘1 in every 6 children around the world are engaged in child labor. ◘An estimated 2 million children worldwide exploited through prostitution or pornography each year. ◘300,000 children around the world are actively participating in more than 19 armed conflicts. Source: UNICEF - Source: ECPAT. “Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Subcommittee on Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs.” March 7, 2002 (April 1, 2004). Source: Child Soldiers Global Report 2008

4 ◘An estimated 25 million children and adolescents are currently uprooted from their homes; they make up nearly half of the refugee population worldwide. ◘There are approximately 150 million street children worldwide between the ages of 3 and 18. About 40% of these children are homeless, which is an unprecedented number in history. The Convention on the Rights of the Child recognizes each one of these practices as a violation of human rights, and obliges each government to work toward eliminating these practices within their own nation and throughout the world. Basic Facts Source:

5 ◘To establish and support the international system. ◘To provide legal rules to resolve multi-national disputes. ◘To help maintain peace internationally. Why Do We Have International Laws?

6 A convention is a specific type of international law. It is an agreement or compact, especially among nations, usually created within an international organization such as the United Nations. Countries must.. 1.Sign 2.Ratify 3.Monitor and Enforce the treaty What is a Convention?

7 The CRC is a treaty that lays out the rights of children and the standards to which all governments must aspire in order to promote these rights. What is the Convention on the Rights of the Child?

8 ◘The best interests of the child are always the primary consideration. ◘A child should be protected against all forms of discrimination and punishment. ◘A child has the right to survival and development. ◘A child should be protected from abuse and neglect. ◘A child has the right to education, housing, healthcare, and all forms of mental and physical well-being. Basics of the CRC

9 ◘Name and Nationality ◘Freedom of Expression ◘Freedom of Association ◘Education ◘Leisure, Recreation, and Cultural Activities What are your rights?

10 ◘Child Labor ◘Drug Abuse ◘Sexual Exploitation ◘Sale, Trafficking and Abduction ◘Torture and Deprivation of Liberty ◘Armed Conflicts Additional Protections Under the CRC

11 1. Countries sign the CRC. 2. Countries ratify the CRC. 3. Countries rights widely known. 4. Committee on the Rights of the Child. 5. Committee reviews reports submitted by States Parties two years after ratification, and every 5 years thereafter. 6. States Parties make rights widely known. 7. Committee proposes special studies etc. to be undertaken in the countries. 8. All countries help each other implement the Convention. Enforcing the CRC

12 ◘The US is not in compliance with the treaty. ◘Fear of infringement on states’ rights. ◘Fear of interference in parental child rearing. The CRC and the USA Why hasn’t the United States ratified the CRC?

13 ◘What if the USA ratified the CRC? Greater priority of children’s rights in the United States and the world Quality education and healthcare guaranteed Influence the children’s rights in other countries ◘What has happened? In 1995 Madeline Albright signed the CRC on behalf of President Clinton We still need to approve the CRC State Department and Senate approval, and a presidential signature The CRC and the USA

14 ◘What rights does the CRC provide children? ◘How important do you think it is for the government to protect specifically the rights of its children? ◘What have you learned about your own rights? ◘Are there any rights that you think should be added to the CRC? ◘If so many countries have signed the CRC, why are children’s rights still being violated? ◘If you were in the United Nations, what would be your most important goal for children’s rights? Recap and Discussion

15 ◘ Educate yourself about the CRC. ◘ Contact local, state, and national politicians Write letters asking them to ratify the CRC. ◘ Talk to your parents about the CRC. Educate the adults in your life! ◘ Advocate for awareness of the CRC. Begin a social awareness/ human rights club. What Can You Do?

16 Full Text of the CRC Campaign for the US Ratification of the CRC UNICEF UN High Commission on Human Rights Amnesty International Youth Advocate Program International For More Information

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