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“Exercise Trends and Letting Go” Unit 3 Project Anthony Wallace Kaplan University.

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1 “Exercise Trends and Letting Go” Unit 3 Project Anthony Wallace Kaplan University

2 “Letting Go” In our lives, in the twentieth century there are several factors of mental stress that occur at moments notice. We live in a fast paced world filled with the ‘I want I now” our instant world can sometimes make it very stressful when we don’t get what we want. The family life at a glance can be quite stressful when several bills are due, being a single parent, or chronic illnesses. In this presentation I will teach you the consumer techniques when deal with stress. I will also discuss how mental fitness affect our physical overall health “the mind presentation of physical affect.”

3 Point to Address We will address several areas of mental fitness and the physical results. Mental Stress Spiritual Starvation Physical Health Mental Fitness and the affect of a proper mental workout.

4 Mental Fitness Mental fitness is a work out for your brain. Just like your body needs it mobility and exercise to keep your brain needs the same attention. Most of the exercises are used to help the patients remember and keep them active. Example of the exercise are crossword puzzles, relaxation breathing, and mediations.

5 Spiritual Starvation When we lack our connect to our higher power, we lack our identity. Spiritual starvation can disrupt the body’s healing process by the display of depression and lack of life’s journey. Our spirit, body, and our mental ability are one and with the other we can not be healthy Examples to improve our spirit from starving is by prayer, daily mediation, and being aware of our surroundings. This is a You tube video that has mediation spiritual mediation to awaken the soul and ease the mind 9k9aQ1-2I

6 Physical Health and Wellness Our physical health mean the total health of a patient. All aspects of a patients objective characteristics are shown to others on a day to day interactions. When we think of our physical health most believe that is our muscles, ligaments, and bones but it is a lot more than that. It is our personal communication with our mental and spiritual factor that make us all. A few example of fitness would be to ensure the proper diet, exercise, and stress management.

7 The Promotion of Health Below there is a video of some activities that most may enjoy in achieving total Health and Fitness. This is an example of acupuncture and how it may reduce stress and restore health. This is an example of Reflexology and how it may reduce stress and promote health and wellness. This is an Example of Zen mediation music for relaxation exercises.

8 Research Articles The articles below are more information about health and wellness and how to incorporate proper health and wellness in you schedule. The Mental Fitness, Action vs. Reaction, 2010 Wellness Article Library, Childhood Illness and Holistic Health, 200-2010 World Health Organization, The Seven Dimensions of Wellness, 2007 These articles were very interesting to read and I am going to implement these ideas into my everyday life to gain more knowledge and strength.

9 Summary In this presentation we learn how to maintain proper health and wellness by becoming more aware of our mental, physical, and spiritual surroundings. There are several exercises in my presentation that may cause the patient to be surrounded with peace and tranquility while maintaining full awareness of all the aspects of our being. Mental fitness we learned can be more tuned with daily prayer, meditation, and solitude. Spiritual starvation and awareness in our higher power we learned that we can mediate have time to focus on the outer as well as the inner parts of our being to infuse a sense of belong (peace). The physical awareness is our outer objective part of us. Its what our friends, family, and co-worker see and our own self perception. Take a few minutes and listen to Gabriel, yogist and relax you r mind and began to focus on the breath. This is a stress relieving exercise that focuses on both mental, Spiritual, physical because without one there can’t be a health patient. All aspects must be in sync in order for the patient to exhibit total health and wellness.

10 Reference The Mental Fitness Center,,, live prayer radio ministry,2010 Wellness Article Library,,2006-2010 World Health Organization,,,2007 PM Meditation CD, Gabriel

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