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Customers Request the Darndest Things* 10 Challenges for VUI Designers Eduardo Olvera User Interface Designer.

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2 Customers Request the Darndest Things* 10 Challenges for VUI Designers Eduardo Olvera User Interface Designer

3 Exhibit 1: The Customer Purchased system/solution Has Business need Has clear Objectives (most of the time) Needs to hit numbers –Return on Investment –Call Volumes –Transfer rates Brings preconceptions/experiences

4 Exhibit 2: The Service Provider Provides system/solution Keeps User needs in mind Brings experience/best practices Has open mind Understands design implications

5 Exhibit 3: The “user”

6 Exhibit 4: The Interaction

7 What to do? Find root of the problem Understand fear, limited experience, business pressure Explain reasons behind design decisions

8 10 things customers requested what they meant what they really mean how to respond

9 “Instead of arguing, let’s just make it an option ” 1 “I guess I want 1. You give me too many choices.”

10 Situation: Debate between options, good arguments, let user decide Interpretation: Hungry, no data, no way to guess Real Problem: Not enough info to decide

11 Design is about decisions UI Designers know users Only add things if need can be proven User profiles – effect? value? When in doubt, don’t add it

12 “We could just ask callers and move on” 2

13 Situation: Application needs parameter not available when needed Interpretation: Less work for me, can up sell more Real Problem: Questions are easy. Complexity passed on to callers

14 Hide complexity from users Relevant questions only Usability drives, technology follows Evaluate impact of interruptions

15 “You are the experts. I just need that option, you decide where to put it” 3

16 Situation: “minor” change, major impact Interpretation: I know business, control is mine, but I’ll give in a little Real Problem: Our perspective on roles and responsibilities is different

17 Design is about data and standards Consistency is key – single source Groups should reach consensus Key players to drive and make decisions

18 “Don’t make it too advanced. Our customers aren’t very sophisticated ” 4

19 Situation: Users, designers and business owners are different (location, education, experience) Interpretation: How can users understand what took you so long to explain? Hold their hand Real Problem: Users won’t figure out something isn’t clear to me, plus complex implementation

20 Users know their tasks and needs More steps or less information doesn’t make designs simpler Understand and observe users User profiles

21 “But what if the customer does X?” 5

22 Situation: Everyone attempts to provide as much information as possible Interpretation: We have list of errors, design should avoid them Real Problem: A design that doesn’t include all cases is incomplete

23 Focus on how will it work Focus on what callers will do Best experience when things go well Consider most common errors only

24 “Can we move it up to the main menu to make it obvious?” 6

25 Situation: Someone couldn’t find option Interpretation: If I’m confused, design should change. Minor fix, low impact. Real Problem: Important for us, afraid too hidden

26 Not everything should be obvious Context filters information Importance is relative Design for all, not a few Voice coaching provides flexibility

27 “But our current system (or other) does it differently” 7

28 Situation: Surprise due design aspect different from preconception Interpretation: You’re not only one knows similar systems and what they do Real Problem: Why your design is different from what I was thinking

29 Each design solves unique problems Copying success is good… …but understand their flaws Successful companies do things differently from leaders

30 “You don’t get it. They need to know we offer X” 8

31 Situation: Attempt to up sell or advertise low usage/new products Interpretation: You know design. I know business. Need to increase usage and chance to sell Real Problem: Prove negative impact without trying

32 Explain compromise % benefited vs. affected Objective measures Human factors – effect? Inform, hope for reason

33 “I don’t see why you say it’s confusing ” 9

34 Situation: Successful system in place, customers and employees trained, you make suggestions Interpretation: We’ve been successful, we are leaders, we are the industry standard Real Problem: Identified problem they didn’t see

35 First experience, fresh perspective Usability could reinforce, but resources better spent elsewhere Users adapt, doesn’t mean it’s right User profiles – effect? value? Prioritize and categorize suggestions

36 “We need to keep them in the system …in a friendly way” 10

37 Situation: Callers press 0 or ask for operator Interpretation: If they tried it and followed instructions, they would like it Real Problem: Giving users control complicates internal systems’ state

38 User’s can’t be forced They’ll beat the system or get frustrated Move on, even with incomplete data Minimalist and simple design

39 And because with Customers there’s always something else…

40 “Why is Spanish not working as well as English? We translated all clips…” 11

41 Situation: Reach exploding market, minimize cost (hard to justify) Interpretation: Pesky requirement, everyone translates, straightforward process Real Problem: Don’t speak language. Lack of culture understanding

42 All languages same importance Callers, tasks and needs are different No neutral Spanish Localization: language+culture+brand Do it in full, look for divergence

43 Systems are not automated agents They support agents and automate simple, common things Agents should handle complex tasks, add value and build relationships

44 Q&A Eduardo Olvera Slides available at

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