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5 1a. Match the photos A-D with the types of weather in the box. Do you have any of this weather in your country?


7 1.1. EXTREMES Extreme (adj) : 1. very great in degree. ex. He had extreme difficulty in opening the door. 2. very unusual and serious ex. Because of extreme weather, the classes were cancelled. Extremely (adv.): Extremely cold/hot weather Extreme weather / conditions

8 1.1. EXTREMES Humid(adj) : 1. when the weather is very wet and hot ex. Antalya is extremely humid in summer, but Ankara is very dry. humid air/climate/ atmosphere

9 1.1. EXTREMES Blizzard (n) : 1. a severe snow storm: ex. We experienced many blizzards last winter.

10 1.1. EXTREMES Drought (n) : 1. a long period of dry weather when there is not enough water for plants and animals to live Ex. Because of the severe drought, many animals and plants died. Dry (adj) Drought (n)

11 1.1. EXTREMES Storm(n) : 1. a period of very bad weather when there is a lot of rain or snow, strong winds, and often lightning ex. Twenty people were killed when the storm hit the city. A storm hits/ strikes

12 1.1. EXTREMES Hurricane(n) : 1. a storm that has very strong fast winds and that moves over water

13 1.1. EXTREMES Fog(n) : 1. cloudy air near the ground which is difficult to see through ex. It will be a cold night, and there may be a dense fog. Fog (n) Foggy (adj) thick/dense /freezing fog

14 1.1. EXTREMES Wind(n) : 1. moving air, especially when it moves strongly or quickly. ex. People couldn’t walk as a result of strong wind. Wind(n) Windy (adj.) A wind blows

15 1.1. EXTREMES 1b. Read the internet news reports. Which situation is the most serious? Why? READING

16 1.1. EXTREMES Listen to this British news report about Florida. LISTENING

17 1.1. EXTREMES It snows in winter. General fact ? Action happening now? GRAMMAR

18 1.1. EXTREMES He is washing the car at the moment. A regular action / habit? Action happening now?

19 1.1. EXTREMES The price of gold is decreasing recently. A regular action? A trend / changing situation ?

20 1.1. EXTREMES


22 1.1. EXTREMES What extreme weather does Turkey have? What problems does the extreme weather cause? Do you think Turkey’s weather is changing? Which types of weather do / don’t you like? Why / Why not? -hot / sunny days -warm/cloudy days -clear/cold days-cool /cloudy days -hot/humid days-foggy days -windy days-snowy days -stormy days-rainy days

23 1.2. WINTER


25 1.2. WINTER  Bright(Adj.) Bright (adj.) full of light, shining: Ex. bright sunshine Ex. The lights are too bright in here - they're hurting my eyes.

26 1.2. WINTER  Clear (Adj): 1.(of a substance) transparent; unclouded  a stream of clear water 2. free of cloud, mist, or rain:  the day was fine and clear

27 1.2. WINTER  cloudy (adj): (of the sky or weather) covered with or characterized by clouds:  a very grey, cloudy day

28 1.2. WINTER  Cold (adj.): at a low temperature, especially when compared with the human body:  a freezing cold day  it’s cold outside

29 1.2. WINTER  Cool (adj.): at a fairly low temperature = cold  it’ll be a cool afternoon  the wind kept them cool

30 1.2. WINTER  Dark (adj): with little or no light:  it’s too dark to see much  Dark forest

31 1.2. WINTER  Wet (Adj): covered with water or another liquid  she followed, slipping on the wet rock  a wet, windy evening  Wet clothes

32 1.2. WINTER  Dry (Adj): not wet,  with little or no rainfall or humidity  Not humid  the West Coast has had two dry winters in a row

33 1.2. WINTER  Firm (adj): not soft but not completely hard:  the bed should be reasonably firm, but not too hard  I'd rather sleep on a firm mattress than a soft one

34 1.2. WINTER  Hot (adj): h aving a high degree of heat or a high temperature  it was hot inside the hall  a hot day

35 1.2. WINTER  Humid (adj): marked by a high level of water vapour in the atmosphere  a hot and humid day  In summer time, Antalya is humid.

36 1.2. WINTER  Mild (adj): moderately warm weather, especially less cold than expected:  mild winters

37 1.2. WINTER  Rainy (adj): of weather having rainfall  A rainy day

38 1.2. WINTER  Snowy (Adj.): covered with snow  snowy mountains  a snowy January day

39 1.2. WINTER  Stormy (Adj.): (of weather) characterized by strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow:  a dark and stormy night

40 1.2. WINTER  Sunny (adj): bright with sunlight  a sunny day

41 1.2. WINTER  Windy (Adj): characterized by or exposed to strong winds  a very windy day  the cold, windy hills

42 1.2. WINTER Reading and Speaking Are there seasons in your country? If so what’s your favorite season? Why? Do you like winter? Why? What do you know about winter in Russia? What do you know about Siberia?

43 1.2. WINTER Do the exercises on page 8 2a. Read the introduction to the text quickly. Where is the text from?

44 1.3. SCENARIO Vocabulary  horse riding  mountain biking  scuba diving  sea kayaking  skiing  snorkeling  snowboarding  trekking  white-water rafting  wildlife watching

45 1.3. SCENARIO  horse riding (noun phrase)  You can go horse rinding in Atatürk Orman Çiftli ğ i.

46 1.3. SCENARIO  mountain biking (noun phrase)

47 1.3. SCENARIO  scuba diving (noun phrase)

48 1.3. SCENARIO  sea kayaking (n phr.)

49 1.3. SCENARIO  Skiing (n)  the activity or sport of moving on skis:  a skiing trip/ instructor

50 1.3. SCENARIO  snorkeling (n)  the activity of swimming while using a snorkel:

51 1.3. SCENARIO  Snowboarding (n)

52 1.3. SCENARIO  Trekking (n)  the activity of walking long distances on foot for pleasure

53 1.3. SCENARIO  whitewater rafting (n. phr)

54 1.3. SCENARIO  wildlife watching (n. phr.)

55 1.3. SCENARIO  Look at the advert below for Double Action Adventures. Why does the company have this name?  Would you like to go on one of their trips?  1b. Match the activities in the advert to the photos A-J.  2a. Read the e mail from the boss of Double Action Adventures. What does he wanthis staff to do?

56 1.3. SCENARIO AGREEING DISAGREEING  I like chocolate.  So do I  Do you?  I don’t enjoy watching horror movies.  Neither do I  Don’t you? KEY LANGUAGE Do the exercises on page 11.

57 Useful Phrases for Speaking What do you think about……? I think it is a good one because ……………. What about …? I’m not sure.

58 1.4. STUDY AND WRITING SKILLS  Using your dictionary to understand meaning  Do the exercises 1, 2, 3, 4 on page 12.

59 1.4. STUDY AND WRITING SKILLS  Quite (Adv): a little or a lot but not completely:  I'm quite tired but I can certainly walk a little further.  There was quite a lot of traffic today but yesterday was even busier.  It was quite a difficult job.  Really (Adv): used to say that something is certain:  Thank you, but I really couldn't eat another thing.  He's really going to do it this time.

60 1.4. STUDY AND WRITING SKILLS (p. 12) 5. How important are these things for you in a guidebook? 6. Read the text from a guidebook to Mallorca and aswer the questions.

61 Linkers  And- addition  But- contrast  Also- addition  When- time linker  Find examples of linkers from the text.  Do the exercises 7b and 7c.


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