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The Weather. What does the weather mean? Temperature Precipitations Atmospheric pressure Wind Clouds Atmospheric phenomena.

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1 The Weather

2 What does the weather mean? Temperature Precipitations Atmospheric pressure Wind Clouds Atmospheric phenomena

3 The temperature Zero degreesAbove zeroBelow zero

4 The temperature is different in different seasons. When is the temperature ► 26 degrees above zero ► 23 degrees below zero ► 5 degrees below zero ► 30 degrees above zero ► 13 degrees above zero ► 16 degrees below zero ► 31 degrees below zero ?

5 Precipitations snow rain hail Snow-fall Snow-storm Rain-fall Heavy shower Drizzle Hailstorm Rain + Snow= Sleet

6 Atmospheric pressure normal low high When the weather is fine the atmospheric pressure is …. When the weather is rainy the atmospheric pressure is ….

7 Clouds Fine Sunny Clear Cloudy Dull Gloomy Foggy

8 Wind South North West East Strong Light Warm Cold Storm Breeze Hurricane

9 Atmospheric phenomena Thunder Rainbow Lightning

10 What can the weather be like ? Good Bad Cold Frosty Hot Rainy Wet Windy Sunny Warm Dry Cloudy TerribleNasty Fine Snowy Foggy Freezing Clear Stormy Sleety Humid Dreadful Wonderful Solve the crossword Cool Misty Sultry Calm Ex. 1Ex. 2

11 Match the words to the symbols 1Sunny 2 foggy 3 cloudy 4 rainy 5 snowy 6 thunder and lightning ab c d e f Ex. 1Ex. 2

12 to warm to heat to freeze to dry to snowto rain to thunder to lighten to clear up to shine to melt to sleet to pour to drop to rise to fall to change to storm to blow to forecast to expect to listen to to observe To influence The weather in verbs to drizzle Solve the crossword

13 What weather do you like? My favourite weather is Calm Windy Foggy Clear I like the weather with Heavy showers a lot of snow a lot of sunshine a thick fog Fine drizzle Light rain Hard hailstorm Prolonged frost Thunder and lightning Answer choosing some expressions: Cold Warm Cool Hot Dry Wet Sunny Cloudy


15 What is the weather like today? ► It is … (fine, cloudy) today. ► The atmospheric pressure is … (high, low…). ► The sun is shining (It is raining). ► It is … (warm, cold). ► The temperature is …-… degrees (below, above) zero. ► The wind is blowing from the (south, north, south-east…). ► The wind is (warm, cold, strong, light…).

16 What is the weather in the pictures? Use the structure: To be + V-ing

17 What is the weather in different parts today? Describe: Temperature PrecipitationsCloudsWind Atmospheric pressure Atmospheric phenomena

18 What was the weather yesterday? Don’t forget to use the V-structure: was/were + V-ing V (ed), V 2 for example: It was not cold yesterday. The wind blew from the west. Describe: the temperature, precipitations, the wind direction, the clouds, the atmospheric pressure…

19 Let’s play: you are the weather forecast. What will the weather be like in our city tomorrow? In Great Britain? Use the verb structure: It will be… The weather will be…

20 Why do we speak so much about the weather ? Because the weather influences the weather influences Our clothes Our food Our activity Our mood Our health Our plans

21 The weather influences our clothes. When the weather is warm cold people put on A sweater, jeans, gloves, a T-shirt, a dress, sandals, a shirt, a coat, trainers, a jacket, trousers, mittens, socks, shorts, boots… And what do you put on when the weather is rainy?

22 The weather influences our food. When the weather is hot people prefer

23 The weather influences our mood health and The sun is shining And I am smiling, The weather is bad And I am sad. When it is dry We are fine… The weather is nice, Isn’t it a surprise? Hot weather can be a cause of headache burn high blood pressure Cold weather can be a cause of a cold cough

24 The weather influences our activity Match the activities to the weather Stay at home, play outdoors, go for a walk, cycle, read a book, watch TV, swim, visit my friends, go to the cinema, play football, skate, draw, take pictures, sleep, play indoors, plant trees and flowers, ski, go to the forest…

25 The weather influences our plans If the weather is fine If it rains If the sun shines If the weather is cold If the weather is stormy If the weather is warm I will stay at home I will go to the theatre I will play outdoors I will not go to the forest I will put on a T-shirt I will not swim Match the parts of the sentences Если будет дождь, я буду сидеть дома. EX. 1 EX. 2

26 The weather in proverbs 1.After a storm comes a calm. 2.After rain comes fair weather. 3.If there were no clouds, we should not enjoy the sun. 4.It never rains but it pours. 5.Rain at seven, fine at eleven. 6.Small rain lays great dust. a)Мал, да удал. b)После ненастья наступает хорошая погода. c)Семь пятниц на неделе. d)После бури наступает затишье. e)Пришла беда – отворяй ворота. f)Чем ночь темнее, тем ярче звезды. Read the English proverbs and find Russian equivalents Ex. 1

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