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Introduction to SilkRoad Connecting People to Business Success Kasey D. Konkright – Expert Services Tina Kutach – Employee Experience Guru.

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1 Introduction to SilkRoad Connecting People to Business Success Kasey D. Konkright – Expert Services Tina Kutach – Employee Experience Guru

2 Launched in 2005 Headquartered in Chicago plus 19 global locations 450 employees globally 2,000 customers worldwide

3 #1 Global onboarding solution Deployed in over 50 Countries 17 Available Languages Automate and manage all employee life events Onboarding and offboarding Mergers and acquisitions Transfers and rehires Workflow smart logic delivers a unique experience to every user Completely employer-branded DHS certified for I-9/E-Verify processing 3

4 What and Why of Onboarding Benchmarking for Success Formalize Your Onboarding Process Leverage Technology Key Take Away Session Topics

5 What Does your Onboarding Process Look Like?

6 Onboarding Defined Strategic process designed to attract new employees, reaffirm their employment decision, acclimate them into the organization's culture, and prepare them to contribute to a desired level as quickly as possible.

7 Benchmarking for Success

8 Key Drivers

9 Streamline, Track, Update Decentralized Process Across and within regions, Culture of Innovation General HR Mandate for Automation US Compliance Initial driver was the need for automated I-9 Processing Deliver a consistent process for the nearly 4 million temps annually Auditing for Client and Internal Eliminate paper & processes to reduce cost & time Improve government, legal and client compliance Business Drivers

10 10 25% couldn’t log onto the network 20% didn't know how to find company resources Manager/Team was not involved in onboarding 27% of the time 29% didn't feel prepared the first day 28% didn't have sufficient introduction to culture Surprise I'm Here?

11 Yesterdays Worker 11

12 12 Todays workers

13 Benchmark: Onboarding Automation

14 Getting Connected

15 15 Duration of Onboarding 80% of respondents indicated that they spend 3 months or less on their onboarding process. 9% of respondents indicated that they spend 1 Year. 26% which was the largest group indicated they spend 1-3 months onboarding. 85% of Respondents had a formal Onboarding process.

16 Existing Employees Full-time employees actively searching for a new job or open to new opportunities - CareerBuilder 2013

17 Prepare Engage Develop Enable Cultural Mastery Interpersonal Network Development Early Career Development Strategy Emersion and Direction Governance and Administration Target, Inform, Engage throughout The Re- Defined Onboarding Experience Hire Retire

18 Transitions being managed through process. 66% Employee Offboarding 56% Employee Transfers 31% Mergers and Acquisitions

19 Cross-boarding Source: Aberdeen Group Onboarding, March 2013

20 Learning Onboarding Wanted end to end solution rather that existing point solution approach. Time was a big one we had 26 forms to manage manually Getting our culture to the new hires was huge, with highly competitive positions we needed to keep them engaged. All of our locations are remote so without automation the local workload was time consuming. When we reviewed our priorities and looked and the employee lifecycle from start to finish “Learning Management started during Onboarding. Compliance was a big driver for LMS automation(State and National Boards). Examples of mandatory training: Elder Abuse, Resident Rights, Blood born pathogens, HIV/Aids Department of health can walk in and request audits.

21 Barriers

22 Take Away Establish Clear Ownership Onboarding is one areas of talent management that falls between pre-hire and post- hire initiatives. When clear ownership is defined your more likely to designing and implement a process that aligns with business objectives. Extend the Onboarding Process In order to drive business results, onboarding should extend beyond a one day or one week orientation Align Onboarding with Learning Initiatives Create a strong correlation between onboarding and learning. Both of these initiatives share similar objectives including increase productivity.

23 Getting Started

24 Onboarding Process Framework Start Before Day 1 Make it Interactive and Fun! Socialization Extend it Beyond Day 1 Assign a Mentor Get the Manager Involved Measure the Impact Automate the process

25 5 Keys to Success

26 26

27 Onboarding Success Tina Kutach Global HRIS Manager Woodgroup Mustang

28 Where We Were New Hires: Sitting in the HR conference room for 3-4 hours, reviewing policies and manually completing forms Seldom did the new hires show up with everything required to “hit the ground running” Forgot proper identification for the I-9, forgot to bring in bank information for the direct deposit form, etc. Comments on new hire surveys reflected a broken process and a general dissatisfaction with our onboarding procedures.

29 Where We Were Managers: Quite often were not ready for the new hire IT entitlements were rarely executed in a timely fashion No computer, no phone, no e-mail when new hire arrived Workspaces were not cleaned, prepared and ready for use, if available at all. Not aware that they were responsible for managing these processes. Lowest marks received on the new hire survey Not ready for me when I arrived!

30 Where We Were Human Resources: ◦ All new hire paperwork was actually paper (manual processes) ◦ Using checklists to make sure we had everything we needed from the new hire ◦ Payroll information had to be faxed to the payroll data entry administrator ◦ Providing the new hire with paper copies of all policies and procedures, some up to 30 pages in length ◦ Had to remember to send the new hires additional information after their start date (i.e. online payroll information, new hire survey, training requirements)

31 Why Electronic Onboarding? Needed a global solution that could support several different languages Needed the ability to eliminate as many manual processes as possible Needed a system that allowed for continuous improvements

32 Immediate Benefits Reduced non-value added orientation time by 90% 4 hours to 30 minutes (human touch still needed) Local facility portals allow for new hires to walk in knowing much more about their workplace Web-based system gives the new hire the opportunity to review the information from the comfort of their home, around their own schedule Friendly reminders to hiring managers so nothing “falls through the cracks” Greater transparency and alignment among managers, HR and new employees

33 Immediate Benefits Eliminated 95% of the paper forms used prior to implementation (135 sheets per hire) No longer required to fax payroll information Utilization for post hire activities Ordering business cards New hire survey Required e-learning Quality of hire questionnaire Annual cost savings of $250,000+ (350 events) Reinforcement of our vision, mission and values + our employment brand

34 Closing Comments

35 Call to Action 35 Without a doubt, this hyper-competitive era demands that organizations think “beyond onboarding,” to consider more effective management of the full employee experience and its affects on the business and their most valuable asset their talent. Let us show you how to make the case and why its important. HR professionals are challenged to help run, grow, and transform more diverse organizations than ever.

36 Onboarding Re-Defined Successful Onboarding is not simply an improved orientation to the organization. It is a total system for success that is woven into the entire experience in the course of your new hires’ first year and beyond.

37 Proprietary and Confidential This material is proprietary to SilkRoad, inc. It contains trade secrets and confidential information which is solely the property of SilkRoad, inc. This material is solely for the client’s internal use. This material shall not be used, reproduced, copied, disclosed, transmitted, in whole or in part, without the express consent of SilkRoad, inc. Thank You!

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