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Cyber Bullying Get The Facts! Next.

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1 Cyber Bullying Get The Facts! Next

2 The Golden Rule What is the “Golden Rule”? Why is kindness important?
Share some examples. Why is kindness important? Next

3 Bullying When someone is mean to others or picks on them, that is bullying. “Cyber Bullies” use the Internet to be mean. Bullies often put others down to make themselves feel better. No one should put up with bullying! Next

4 Don’t be a bully! Don’t let others, either!
If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them! Be a good friend! You would want someone to do it for you. Next

5 What to do if you are bullied:
Tell someone, an adult, you trust! Don’t open or read messages from known cyber bullies. If you receive a mean or inappropriate text, , or IM, don’t respond - show or tell an adult you trust, and then delete the message. Block the cyber bully. Never agree to meet the person or anyone you meet online. Next

6 Prevent Cyber Bullying by:
Don’t give your personal information to anyone you don’t know or who has been mean to you in the past. Remember the “Golden Rule.” Don’t send messages when you are angry. When something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. Tell and/or show a trusted adult. Leave the sight - Get away! Next

7 Email “Rules” Use the “subject” line to tell your subject.
Don’t type in ALL CAPS. It’s like yelling. Think before you type. Don’t send or open attachments to or from people you don’t know. Don’t spam (send garbage or too many messages). Don’t share personal information Use strong passwords – eight or more alpha-numeric characters Keep passwords private – never share your password. Be Safe

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