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Cyber Bullying.

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1 Cyber Bullying

2 Percents 43% of teens have been cyber bullied in the last year.
81% of youth said that others cyber bully because they think it’s funny.

3 How To Not Get Cyber Bullied
Make sure that when you are on facebook or myspace you know who you are talking to cause people aren’t always who they seem. Don’t put out any personal information! You can always set your facebook or myspace to private, which is a good idea. Just think before you post anything on the internet cause anyone can see what you post.

4 What If I’m Cyber Bullied?
If you or someone you know are being cyber bullied you need to tell a trusted adult right away. If you are being cyber bullied then save all the conversations between you and your cyber bully for evidence.

5 Predators Tactics Are…
They try to have the same things in common with you. They will get you to trust them, and they will pretend to trust you. They will tell you to keep your “friendship” a secret cause no one else will understand.

6 Did You Know… That the internet isn’t the only way to be bullied. There is also cell phones and IM’s. The person that is bulling you probably is doing it by cell phone or IM’s cause it is easier for some people to bully someone when you don’t have to look at them face-to-face.

7 Texting!! When you text you need to know what is legal and what isn’t. Even if something is legal that doesn’t mean you should do it. Something that isn’t legal is taking inappropriate pictures of yourself. Many teens do it for fun, but it has serious consequences.

8 A lot of kids have phones and are taking very inappropriate pictures
A lot of kids have phones and are taking very inappropriate pictures. This is illegal!! Even if you don’t send the picture you are still doing an illegal action and can still go to jail. Taking inappropriate pictures has long term consequences that many teens don’t think about. So think about you are doing before you take any action.

9 Cyber Bulling: “Cyber bullying is the use of modern communication technologies to embarrass, humiliate, threaten, or intimidate an individual in the attempt to gain power and control over them.”

10 Don’t Be a Cyber Bully!

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