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Present Perfect X Present Perfect Continuous X Simple Past Answers

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1 Present Perfect X Present Perfect Continuous X Simple Past Answers
Teacher Rafaela Mesquita Level: 1º A2

2 Past Simple or Present Perfect?
 1. My friend is a writer. She HAS WRITTEN (write) many books. (SHE’S STILL ALIVE) 2. We DIDN’T HAVE (not have) a holiday last year. 3. DID YOU SEE (you/see) Ann last week? 4. I PLAYED (play) tennis yesterday afternoon. 5. What time DID YOU GO (you/go) to bed last night? 6. HAVE YOU EVER BEEN (you/ever/be) to the United States? 7. My hair is clean. I HAVE WASHED (wash) it.

3 8. I WASHED (wash) my hair before breakfast this morning.
9. When I was a child, I DIDN’T LIKE (not/like) sports. 10. Kathy loves travelling. She HAS VISITED (visit) many countries. 11. John works in a bookshop. He HAS WORKED (HAS BEEN WORKING) (work) there since 2009. 12. Last year we WENT (go) to Finland for a holiday. We STAYED (stay) there for three weeks

4 13.Molly lives in Dublin. She HAS LIVED (HAS BEEN LIVING) (live) there since she was a kid.
14. Bob and Alice are married. They HAVE BEEN (be) married for 20 years. 15. When we were on holiday last month, the weather WAS (be) awful. 16. The weather HAS BEEN (be) very nice recently, don’t you think? 17. Jill BOUGHT (buy) a new car two years ago. 18. His hair is very short. He HAS HAD (have) a haircut.

5 19. Last night I ARRIVED (arrive) home at 12
19. Last night I ARRIVED (arrive) home at 12.30, I HAD (have) a bath and then I WENT (go) to bed. 20. DID YOU VISIT (you/visit) many museums when you were in Paris? 21. My bicycle isn’t here any more. Somebody HAS TAKEN (take) it 22. I DIDN’T EAT (not/eat) anything yesterday because I DIDN’T FEEL (not/feel) hungry. 23. The car looks very clean. HAVE YOU WASHED (you/wash) it?

6 24. Brian: Hello Susan. Is Alan here?
Susan: No, I’m afraid He HAS GONE (go) out. Brian: Oh, what a pity! When exactly DID HE GO (he/go) out? Susan: About ten minutes ago 25. I HAVE SMOKED (smoke) 20 cigarettes. 26. I SMOKED (smoke) a lot yesterday.

7 Present Perfect Simple or Continuous?
I’m exhausted!. I HAVE BEEN WORKING (WORK) all day and I HAVEN’T FINISHED (NOT FINISH) yet. I HAVE VISITED / HAVE BEEN VISITING (VISIT) many countries over the past few years. (IF YOU PUT THE 2ND OPTION, THE GUY REALLY TRAVELS A LOT.) Someone HAS TAKEN (TAKE) my books. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING (LOOK) for them for ages but I HAVEN’T FOUND (NOT FIND) them yet. I HAVE BEEN SHOPPING (SHOP) all morning, but I HAVEN’T BOUGHT (NOT BUY) anything yet. That’s one of the best books I HAVE ever READ (READ).

8 “You’re filthy. What HAVE you BEEN DOING (DO)
“You’re filthy! What HAVE you BEEN DOING (DO)?” “I HAVE BEEN WORKING (WORK) in the garden”. I HAVE BEEN LISTENING (LISTEN) to you for the past half an hour, but I’m afraid I HAVEN’T UNDERSTOOD (NOT UNDERSTAND) a single word. “What’s the matter?” “I HAVE BEEN READING (READ) in my room for hours, and I’ve got a headache”. I HAVE BEEN TRYING (TRY) to lose weight for ages. I HAVE LOST (LOSE) ten pounds so far. “Why is your hair wet?” “I HAVE BEEN SWIMMING / HAVE SWUM (SWIM)”

9 I HAVE BEEN PAINTING (PAINT) the living room for a week
I HAVE BEEN PAINTING (PAINT) the living room for a week. It’ll be finished soon. I HAVE PAINTED (PAINT) the living room. I finished last night. How long HAVE you KNOWN (KNOW) Ann and John? I HAVE LOST (LOSE) my passport. HAVE you SEEN (SEE) it anywhere? Someone HAS EATEN (EAT) the chocolates! They’re nearly all gone! I don’t know what our neighbours are doing. They HAVE BEEN HAVING (HAVE) a row all day. Oh do be quiet! You HAVE BEEN GRUMBLING (GRUMBLE) all day! Your tennis HAS really IMPROVED (IMPROVE). HAVE you BEEN PRACTICING (PRACTICE) in secret?

10 This cassette recorder is broken
This cassette recorder is broken. HAVE you BEEN PLAYING (PLAY) around with it? What’s that dent in the side of the car? HAVE you HAD (HAVE) an accident? I saw Katie yesterday. She HAS BEEN WORKING (WORK) in Australia for the past year. Did you know? I’m sorry, John’s not here. He HAS GONE (GO) to the dentist.

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