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Travel English 余逸柔 何明娟 黃瀟 李淑珍

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1 Travel English 余逸柔 91210312 何明娟 90120007 黃瀟 89210117 李淑珍 91210036
Group V Member : 余逸柔 何明娟 黃瀟 李淑珍

2 The nation's list of attributes reads like handbook
of paradox, but at its heart, Japan is a warm, friendly and very easy destination to travel to..

3 Wonderful trip 6 Days Tour Package Best Hits of Japan
Our special scenic spot tour is Kabukicho , Disneyland & Disney Sea , Mountain Fuji ,Todaiji Temple and Mikimoto Pearl Island .

4 Tour Itinerary Day 1 : ARRIVE TOKYO
Departure from Taipei or Kaoshiung on Sunday afternoon and Arrive at New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport). Our Accommodations at Shinjuku Prince Hotel for 2 nights . We have special entertainment which is “ The most Colorful “ Shinjuku Kabukicho “ .

5 Day 2 : TOKYO Disney land and Disney sea
On our second day , we will give you the best attractions for thrill-seekers . Have fun and go crazy!!! On Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea..!!!

The third day of our tour , we will have deluxe motor coach to the foot of Mt. Fuji via expressway. Then drive halfway up Japan's highest mountain to enjoy a spectacular view from a height of 2,300 meters. The lunch will be at Hotel Highland Resort and after that we will proceed to Hakone for a cruise on Lake Ashi and Mt.Komagatake Aerial Cableway . We will stay at at Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en with hot spring baths.

In the morning we drive through the Hakone Mountains to Odawara Station and ride a Shinkansen train to Kyoto. Lunch at New Miyako Hotel. Afternoon tour to Nara. Visit Todaiji Temple housing Great Buddha, colorful Kasuga Shrine with 3,000 lanterns, and Deer Park where many tame deer are freely roaming. Return to Kyoto. Our accommodations at New Miyako Hotel for 2 nights.

8 Day 5 : TOBA - ISE - KYOTO Morning visit to Mikimoto Pearl Island to see the process of cultured pearls and women pearl divers at work. Delicious seafood lunch (or meat, if preferred) at the hotel Afternoon drive to Ise-Jingu Shrine, Japan's most sacred Shinto center ,then proceed to Uji-Yamada Station and board a limited-express train for the classical city of Kyoto. Accommodations at New Miyako Hotel for 2 nights.

On Our last days tour , we will prepare to Transfer to KANSAI Int'l Airport for departure .

10 Tour Package Price & Inclusion
NT $ 30,000 fro Adult and NT$ 28,000 (Child 6-11 yrs. ) Inclusion ** Airfare fee from Taipei or Kaoshiung to Tokyo , Admission full ticket for Disneyland & Disney Sea attractions , 3 times meal , all provide accommodations and taxes . *** Additional information If you need to depart from Narita Airport (Tokyo), we will be able to arrange your itinerary .

11 Language Problem Solution Dialogue
Clerk : Hello! How can I help you? Kate : Hello! I would like to change my room, please. Clerk : May I have your room number please? Kate : Clerk : Yes, let me see... ( check the computer) I’m sorry Miss , May I ask you why would you like to change your room? Kate : It’s too noisy. The next door of mine are playing mahjong and talk very loudly, we can not stand that, please change the room for us. Clerk : Well, we will advise them to keep voice down and tell them it is not allowed in this hotel, please accept our apology. Kate : You don’t understand, they were not just made such a racket, they were some people walking around and shouting down the hallway . I really wanna change my room please.

12 Language Problem Solution Dialogue
Clerk : Sure, because this room booked by the travel agency and paid, I am afraid that would cost you some more money..... the price is about 6000 yen. Kate : For this situation, I hope you can give me a special price. Clerk : I am so sorry; let me check with my manager. Could you wait for a minute? Kate : Sure. Clerk : Thank you for your waiting, after special discount... that would be 4800yen. Would you like to change? Kate : OK! I’ll take it. Clerk : Thank you. Here‘s your key. Your room number is I’ll have our bellman take you to the room. Kate : Thank you!

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