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Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Marketing HOSPITALITY IN SER MARKETING.

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1 Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Marketing HOSPITALITY IN SER MARKETING

2  Define hospitality and its relationship to the Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Industries  Identify examples of hospitality in the SER Industries  Research examples of hospitality in each of the industries OBJECTIVES

3  Hospitality is the relationship between a guest and the host.  Reception and Entertainment of guests/visitors/etc.  The industry depends on availability of leisure time and disposable income. WHAT IS HOSPITALITY?

4  Food & Beverage  Businesses that prepare food for customers  Lodging  A business/place that provides a place to sleep for one or more nights  Recreation  Any activity that people do for rest, relaxation and enjoyment  Travel & Tourism  The business of moving people from place to place  Provides those people with services that promote travel and vacations FOUR SECTIONS OF HOSPITALITY

5  Resorts  Membership clubs  Conventions  Attractions  Sporting event  Special events  Other services for travelers and tourists. WHERE DO WE FIND HOSPITALITY?

6  Packages for fans  Hotel accommodations  Tickets to events  Pre- and post-event parties  Transportation to/from event  Meals  Suites and Box Seats at sporting events HOSPITALITY IN SPORTS

7  Packages for fans  VIP areas for guests  Special pricing  Unlimited drinks/food  Special gifts/items  At the movies  Luxury Theatres  Food/Drinks (Waiters)  Cobb Theater HOSPITALITY IN ENTERTAINMENT

8  Travel Packages  Air fare  Hotel accommodations  Dining out  Theme park tickets  Show tickets  Airport Lounges  Private meeting rooms  Free drinks/snacks  Comfortable seating  Better access to customer service representatives HOSPITALITY IN RECREATION

9 THE TOURISM INDUSTRY A group of small businesses that encompass travel and transportation vendors for air, rail, auto, cruise, and motor -coach travel  Promote travel and vacations Distributed by destination marketing firms  Tourism offices (travel agencies)  Convention and visitor centers  Chambers of commerce

10 REMEMBER…IT IS A SERVICE It is important to remember that these industries must focus heavily on customer service. While the product (the food, the room, etc.) may be wonderful, the service will be what brings consumers back  A customer will not enjoy their dining experience if they have to wait an hour for their food, even if the food is excellent  A hotel guest will not be satisfied if the sleeping room is beautiful, but the front desk clerk was rude

11 TRENDS IN HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM Safety  Food-service regulations – particularly in sanitation  Keyless electronic locks – easy to reset  Airline restrictions and safety protocol – after 9/11Ecology  Awareness of ecology and interests in protecting the planet  Ecotourism – branch of tourism encompassing adventure tourism and sustainable (green) development of regions

12 TRENDS IN HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM Convenience  Websites and internet booking  Casual atmosphere – 24 hour dining, food courts, take-out offerings  Express check in and check out  Special programs for preferred customers  Services such as Wi-Fi

13  What is hospitality?  What are the four sections of hospitality?  Where do we see examples of hospitality in SER? RECAP

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