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For ALL your G&D needs…... * Age: * Piaget * Erikson * Freud.

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1 For ALL your G&D needs…..

2 * Age: * Piaget * Erikson * Freud

3 * Age: * Piaget * Erikson * Freud

4 * Age: * Piaget * Erikson * Freud

5 * Age: * Piaget * Erikson * Freud

6 * Age: * Piaget * Erikson * Freud

7 * Sensorimotor * Preoperational * Concrete operations * Formal operations * A. is able to see another’s point of view * B. exhibits magical thinking * C. develops a sense of object permanence * D. is able to appreciate symbolism

8 * Cephalocaudal * General to specific * Proximodistal * Simple to complex * A. an infant responds to an earache by flailing the extremities; the toddler responds by tugging at the ear * B. a toddler can use two-word sentences; a preschooler can tell stories * C. in the embryo, developemtn of the bronchus precedes development of the bronchioles and alveoli * D. the infant can lift the head before being able to lift the trunk

9 * A child’s growth and development are affected by: * A. cultural background * B. Heredity * C. Socioeconomic status * D. All of the above

10 * Teaching about safety to school-age children should be geared toward their: * A. parents * B. chronologic age * C. cognitive level of development * D. ability to answer questions

11 * Parents of a preschooler are concerned because she wants “to marry” her father and has told her mother to “go outside and play in the street and get hit by a car”. * The nurse realizes that: * A. family should seek counseling * B. preschooler’s behavior is normal * C. child has probably been abused by her mother * D. parents are not addressing the child’s need for initiative

12 * An 8-month-old infant is being hospitalized for 2 weeks to receive intravenous antibiotic therapy. * What can the nurse do to facilitate parent-infant attachment during this period? * How can the nurse deal with the infant’s stranger anxiety? * What can the hospital staff do to facilitate the development of trust in the infant?

13 * Which of the following statements suggests that the parent needs more information about infant nutrition? * A. “I’ll change from breast milk to whole milk at about 6 months” * B. “I’ll introduce soft foods at about 5 months” * C. “I’ll add new foods one at a time” * D. “I’ll introduce drinking from a cup gradually”

14 * Animism * Centration * Egocentrism * Irreversibility * Magical thought * A. Aaron believes the TV is watching him while he sleeps * B. Beth took the toy truck apart and can’t put it back together * C. Carla’s brother is in the hospital. She believes she made him sick because she didn’t want to play with him * D. Diego can follow only one direction at a time * E. Elgin took Fatima’s toy and can’t understand why Fatima is upset

15 * While a 5-year old is hospitalized for an appendectomy, he tells the nurse that he is in the hospital because he was bad. The nurse should: * A. suspect child abuse and report it to the authorities * B. question the parents about their discipline methods * C. explain to the child why he is in the hospital * D. ignore the comment

16 * An example of an activity that develops fine motor skills in the school-aged child is * A. rollerblading * B. playing the guitar * C. playing tag * D. swimming

17 * A child who does not successfully complete the developmental task of industry develops a sense of * A. shame and doubt * B. guilt * C. inferiority * D. confusion

18 * In adolescence, sexual activity is usually related to: * A. risk taking * B. alcohol and/or substance abuse * C. low self esteem * D. all of these

19 * According to Erikson, a person who has not successfully completed the developmental task of adolescence will experience * A. shame and doubt * B. identity * C. role confusion * D. guilt

20 * Child explores the world with the mouth: * Child may initially demonstrate aggression toward the same-sex parent: * Child develops an adult view of sexuality: * Child typically prefers same-sex friends:

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