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“This Is My Letter to the World” -Emily Dickinson

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1 “This Is My Letter to the World” -Emily Dickinson
By: Caroline W, Julie K, Daniel T, and Cole K.

2 This Is My Letter to the World
That never wrote to me, The simple news that Nature told, With tender Majesty. Her message is committed To hands I cannot see; For love of her, sweet countrymen, Judge tenderly of me!

3 Analysis of Poem Title: You can infer that she is writing this poem to everyone and everything in the world. It was meant to show others her true emotions. Stanzas: 2 stanzas 4 lines each 8 lines total

4 Words Committed: to give in trust or charge; consign.
Tenderly: delicate, soft, or gentle. Majesty: supreme greatness or authority; sovereignty Countrymen: a native or inhabitant of one's own country.

5 Literary Elements Examples of literary elements in the poem are:
Symbolism Letter- her recognition of her own isolation to the world. Simple news that Nature told- Change in Nature during the years of her isolation. Personification “Simple news that nature told with tender majesty” “Her message is committed to hands I cannot see”

6 What’s going on?! Emily is trying to say she is secluded and the world doesn't reach out to her. She doesn't want to be judged harshly for separating herself from the world, she just wants to belong.

7 Speaker and Mood Emily is speaking for herself.
She’s speaking out to the world. Mood- loneliness, realization

8 Rhyme Scheme ABABCBDB Slant Rhyme: World & Told.
Rhythm- The rhyming gives it rhythm.

9 Critical Thinking To whom is the letter addressed to? - The world
What might the speaker be referring to with the words “my letter”? - Her only contact with the world. What “news” does the letter contain? - She does not want to be judged by her isolations.

10 Critical thinking continued…
What is the speakers relationship to nature? - She stays isolated and away from the ever-changing world. What plea does the speaker make in the second stanza? - She asks to not be judged by others What does the fact that the world never wrote back suggest about the speaker? - Nobody knew who she was in her time, so no one could ever respond.

11 Critical thinking continued…
Why does Dickinson capitalize “Majesty” in line 4? - To point out the importance of nature’s ever-changing life.

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