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1 Thanks for downloading our slide deck. It is animated, so please view it in Presentation mode.

2 Paul Ormerod – Co Founder > Head of Sales & Research John Dale – Co Founder > Head of Products & Services

3 Directors Paul Ormerod and John Dale have, with a network of specialist associates, successfully traded multimedia products and consultancy services for governments and business customers in 21 countries over the last 10 years. January 2015Product & Services Overview3

4 LiME TOOLS has spent two years working with experts in the psychology of learning in the workplace; leading consultants in delivering low carbon and IT strategies in a corporate environment ; and digital storytellers who can make complex editorial accessible and empower people to change their habits. January 2015Product & Services Overview4

5 To explain in more detail how the platform works, this presentation now digs deeper into the tools we are developing for low carbon habit change. We have done outline tool specifications for our other business areas, but organisational sustainability and energy saving is a particular area of behaviour change being driven quickly by regulatory and financial priorities. January 2015Investors' Overview5

6  Large corporations want to make savings through a low carbon adaptation strategy, but they struggle to implement...  Changing the behaviour of staff in multinationals is hard...  New state emission regulations are leading to heavy fines...  Brand perceptions can quickly become negative...  The costs of specialist consultancies are extremely high... January 2015Product & Services Overview6 What problem are we solving? Why do we offer a competitive solution? Our services can save 60% on traditional consultancy... Our rich multimedia approach engages the user... Our modular products can be configured locally... They are designed to facilitate practical outcomes... They measure the behaviour change and savings of all users... They offer compelling brand support in the market place...

7 LiME TOOLS uses blended learning techniques that bring together different types of media and devices to ensure the training is memorable, reactive to individual trainees’ abilities and strong and consistent in the way it measures users’ progress... January 2015Product & Services Overview7 We are building a significant video library of documentary materials that bring to life the nature of climate change. We have good connections with global experts who are prepared to offer advice on video. We often combine these traditional TV techniques with graphical animation to simplify complex science. Some of the team at LiME TOOLS come from a background in broadcast drama and entertainment programming. This allows us to build interactive drama games that allow users to make difficult fictional management decisions and see the outcomes of different strategies. We also use quizzes, comedy sketches and other types of gaming to enrich the teaching modules. This innovative approach has been proven to be particularly effective in encouraging behavioural change in the business environment.

8 The tools combine all these elements of storytelling and interactive user decision-making into learning pathways that are carefully designed to maximise the attainment, whilst being configurable to meet the varying restrictions of corporate office environments with pressurised workflows. January 2015Product & Services Overview8 Each tool follows a route map that ensures the user progresses carefully through the experience of understanding, personalising and then putting into action the learning outcomes the tool has engineered.

9 The tools are managed by a Learning Management Software system that measures progress of individual staff members, departmental comparisons and overall company achievement. January 2015Product & Services Overview9 LiME TOOLS’s software monitors the actions and progress of the user, intervening automatically if they need support or produce low scores. This learner achievement data is aggregated continually to provide a snapshot of each user in a company, offering peer score comparisons between departments and across different sites.

10 January 2015Product & Services Overview10 To support in-house workshop facilitators For individual staff & small supply chains Video Doc, Experts, Case Studies, Fictional Gaming Scenarios, Quiz & Challenges, Group & Solo Activity Programmes TOOLBOXES SOLO LEARNING PROGRAMMES CORE LIBRARY Mobile & Tablet Apps for Location- Based Training Image & Video Clip Library

11 January 2015Product & Services Overview11 Easy & Fun to Use High Refresh Rate Peer Group Score Comparisons Saves till Later Internal Share Function Advice Call Service

12 January 2015Investors' Overview12 ACADEMY LICENSE Linked tools renewed annually 1 x 4 wk rental period 8 > 12 week deals Linked tool deals Varies on user numbers Buy with no updates Buy with 2 yr updates Buy with own branding Selected linked tools Bespoke tool build Varies on business size TOOL RENT Renewed every four weeks TOOL BUY With and without annual updates

13 January 2015Product & Services Overview13 Our Team is multi-skilled and experienced, which enables us to lower specialist costs The Products & Services are carefully designed to meet very specific and proven needs Customer Access to our configurable tools is flexible to suit different organisational needs The Price Points deliver up to 60% savings for customers and our impact can be measured

14 Thank You

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