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Getting Started Genevieve Hartman, PhD Director of Platform Operations.

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1 Getting Started Genevieve Hartman, PhD Director of Platform Operations

2 Introductory Slide Genevieve Hartman, PhD Educational researcher with a background in using technology for teacher professional development, and the application of cognitive science to education. Ph.D. in Cognitive Studies in Education

3 Who is BrightBytes? BrightBytes is a learning analytics company that combines data with educational research to inform and measure improved learning outcomes. We are a company of educators for educators We specialize in making data meaningful, engaging, and actionable At the core of the BrightBytes company lies its mission “To improve the way the world learns with data”

4 What is Clarity? Measure and report the impact of technology on improved student learning outcomes Clarity for Schools™ measures the impact of technology use on student learning outcomes. Fully managed age- specific online questionnaires that take 10 minutes or less to complete Visually-stunning, easy-to-read dashboards that identify strengths and gaps in technology use Simple east to read reports and plans customized for all stakeholders.

5 CASE Framework Overview CASE is a research-based framework outlining the essential factors schools need in order to improve learning through the use of technology. BBLabs analyzes data and research from 100's of sources to inform and improve the CASE framework.

6 Clarity™ for Superintendents Choose the right learning technologies for your schools Better allocate resources Respond quickly to diverse needs of your students and teachers. Receive a clear picture of available existing technologies and their impact on meaningful learning. Make better decisions - quickly Reach annual district benchmarks Get greater transparency into your technology spending with –the creation of a common language that uses »concrete data »meaningful metrics »personalized recommendations

7 Clarity™ for Tech Directors Know which tools have greatest impact See how tools are being used Identify technological needs of your schools Be empowered with data to advocate for resources Validate recommendations with measureable progress on student learning outcomes Write meaningful, metrics-supported technology plans

8 Clarity™ for Curriculum Directors Prioritize learning initiatives Improve teachers’ skills Improve students’ scores See which PD programs are needed & wanted Make informed, data-backed decisions

9 Clarity™ for Principals Demonstrates commitment to improving the use of technology at your school. Make informed & prioritized decisions on technology, curriculum, and PD Receive feedback needed to assess the effectiveness of those initiatives.

10 Clarity™ for Teachers Participate in decision-making around technologies at school Help your school take advantage of technologies already available Help your school make informed decisions about –resource allocation –training needed to use those resources –support needed to ensure your success in the classroom

11 Platform Design: Visual, Simple, Focused, & Fun! Actionable, Educative, & Mission Driven Optimized design for users of all device types Easy-to-read dashboards Download at-a-glance reports Adaptive questionnaires

12 More… Secure and fast implementation with real time support Fully managed data collection process. Your time is precious and we get that. Instant access to in-person support when you need it. That’s right we answer the phone. Your data will always be 100% anonymous, private and secure. And we NEVER share without consent.

13 Sign in with Google Apps 1 2 3

14 Seamlessly upload information 1 2 3

15 Easily monitor onboarding of all districts & schools 1 2 3

16 Manage team 1 2 3

17 What’s Next? Districts schedule a 5-min planning call with us Receive a link to the onboarding portal Fully-managed project rollout with frequent updates and visibility into participation rates 1 2 3

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