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Feel the Pulse of your Organization Unique online survey Linked to your strategic goals ‘Real-Time’ reports with immediate results Accelerated action planning.

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1 Feel the Pulse of your Organization Unique online survey Linked to your strategic goals ‘Real-Time’ reports with immediate results Accelerated action planning Drill-Down to charts, tables and text No more time wasted waiting for results to be processed whist performance continues to dwindle. eValue Strategic Diagnostic Survey

2  eValue differs from traditional surveys … surveys with business strategy questions are NOT Strategic Surveys.  eValue is grounded in the articulation by your executives, of both your strategies and their critical success factors.  It is an objective means to measure performance and progress of the key drivers important to your business or organisation. What is a Strategic Organisational Survey?

3 About eValue  Developed in the UK in the late 1990's  Providing informed strategic feedback  Fully supported by a professional team  Hosted on UK server  Used by leading international organisations

4 Key Benefits of eValue  Immediate ‘real time’ results  Accelerated action planning and reduced costs  Informed and timely management information  Optimisation of resources  No technical skills required - simple to use with detailed reporting  Alignment of client’s strategic objectives with the key operational drivers  Fully analysed across your own categories and demographic filters  Online accessibility  Drill-down to individual survey statements and text comments  Colour-coded statistical reports for ease of reference  Ability to track ongoing progress with target/benchmark scores  Comparative results across demographic areas and past surveys  Statistical inferential and key driver analysis  Enhanced buy-in from top executives for the survey process  Fostering collaboration and involvement across management and respondents  Flexible analysis across user-defined demographics

5 How eValue Works

6 Survey Setup  Full support by a professional team  Multiple client options: response scales and scores language options customised ‘look and feel’ choice of reports User defined demographic filters

7  Facilitated survey development through research, interviews, focus groups etc.  Option to modify/personalise best-practice templates or to set up own survey content: Employee Satisfaction/Engagement Customer/Distributor Satisfaction Organisational Alignment Climate and Culture Team and Individual Performance Process and Project Evaluations Internal Audits Other feedback applications Survey Content and Development

8 eValue Strategic Alignment 4 step survey setup and alignment: 1.Define your Strategic Objectives. 2.Select how you wish to view the results (client-defined Perspectives or Streams). 3.Link each Strategic Objective to a series of Key Processes or Categories. 4.Unpack each Key Process into the individual Survey Statements.

9 eValue Targets or Benchmarks  Set up percentage targets or benchmarks for each Key Process  Facilitates ongoing trend analysis and performance improvement for subsequent surveys

10 Respondent Management  Choice of anonymous or identified responses.  Survey login either via a common website link or from unique URL’s in individual emails.  Option to import pre-allocated names and demographics (facilitating personalised and customised email communications and response monitoring) or  Option for single web URL for all respondents and demographic selection from pre-defined drop- down lists (no emails or monitoring).

11  Personalised ‘look and feel”  Own corporate colours, logos and images  Own introductory ‘welcome’ message  Customised survey instructions  Own ‘thank you’ page at end of survey Customised ‘look and feel’

12 Survey Presentation  Option to present by key process/category  Categories listed in navigation bar  Client-defined response types/scales  Choice of response colours  Ability to answer categories in any order  Ability to go back and change responses  Ability to log off and return to same page  Fixed or drop-down comments boxes  Prompts if statements are missed  Red/Green progress flags in navigation bar  Client-defined text boxes at end of survey (e.g. general suggestions, visions for the future, top priorities etc.)

13  Immediate compilation and viewing of ‘real-time’ reports (even as survey is in progress)  Wide range of hierarchical menu- driven reports from high-level summaries to detailed individual statement results linked to supporting text comments  Online drill-down functionality and selective report filtering  Descriptive help files with PDF and graphic downloads  Optional customisation of existing and additional reports Online Drill-Down Reports

14  Aggregate % scores for each survey statement, key process, perspective, strategic objective and overall survey.  Performance levels are defined by colours - red (high focus area); yellow (some action needed); green (satisfactory); and blue (excellent).  Colour-coding is statistically calculated by comparing each score against either the overall survey average and standard deviation or against the average of selected demographics results.  The choice of coding can be toggled using the online filters. Scoring and Colour Codes

15  View high-level summary results, comparing scores across each perspective. High-Level Summary Results  Then view the results of the individual key processes making up each of the perspectives in a single strategy map.

16  Generate a ‘demographic spread’ report to identify the “hot-spots” for every demographic group across the entire organisation. High-Level Summary Results

17  Drill down from the Strategy Maps to the detailed reports for each perspective.  View comparative results across each of the processes making up the selected perspective.  Hyperlink to the individual survey statements in each process reflecting the distribution of responses across the response scale and the aggregate colour-coded score. Detailed Results

18  Drill down from each statement in the detailed charts to supporting free-form text comments and suggestions for improvement.  Perform key word searches across the text.  Menu reports for text comments for individual statements, key processes and overall. Supporting Text Comments

19  Use the filters to view comparative results across multiple demographics.  compare regions, departments, ages, gender and any other client- defined filters. Comparative Reports

20  A summary schedule of all priority focus issues is generated.  Optional inferential key driver analysis.  Implementation Matrix positions all key processes showing predetermined ‘Impact on selected Strategic Objectives’ (High/Low) across the x axis and the relative ‘Ease of Implementation’ (Simple/Difficult) on the y axis. Action Planning

21  Option to customised additional graphic and tabular report types Customised Reports

22  Full support team to assist at all stages of the survey project: Survey development Testing and implementation Analysis and reporting Statistical inferential statistics Presentations Research and consulting Call centre (enquiries/phone surveys) Development of scanned paper-based surveys for eValue reporting Professional Services

23 Inferential and Key Driver Analysis

24  Any organisation requiring feedback from its workforce, distributors, franchisees or customers.  Some of the organisations that use eValue include: General Motors (SA and Mexico) ABSA Bank The Enneagram Institute (USA) Achievement Awards Group Netcare Hospital Group Standard Bank Old Mutual Private Wealth Impala Platinum Mines African Life Assurance Pick n Pay Toyota South Africa PetroSA Who uses eValue

25 “This website is really user friendly. I really enjoyed capturing my survey on it” The Westvaal Group (General Motors South Africa) “We had countless positive comments from the dealers, in their acceptance to the ease of use, and field management reflecting the ability to generate reports to drill down by region by district to the processes statements measured” General Motors South Africa “I was somewhat surprised by how pleasant I found the experience. I like the look and feel and the touch. It felt like I couldn't "screw up" which was very reassuring. I liked the "soft touch" of being guided back when I missed a question. Also, I liked the fact that I always knew my progress in the test—a good motivator to continue. The comment section after each statement at the end of the survey felt like a "gracious touch." It did not in any way interfere with the flow of the answers. Great work!” The Enneagram Institute, Stone Ridge, NewYork, USA “Wow - unbelievably user friendly. Short, sweet & to the point. I cannot accept any resistance for tedious questionnaires or the like. I get excited with change like this!” Williams Hunt Motors, Cape Town Client Testimonials The Westvaal Group

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