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International Relations debates Because the world is a big place.

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1 International Relations debates Because the world is a big place

2 3 Big types of motions 1. Incentives/Intervention in countries 2. Rules of war/International justice 3. Point of View debate

3 1. Incentives and intervention These motions are based around trying to get countries or groups within countries to do things It’s not enough to say sanctions show condemnation – you have to show how that changes things Think about your actor – NATO is a good choice for interventions, the UN for sanctions –if it’s just the UK it won’t really do much

4 During Prep Think about your actor – NATO backing The Arab League or African Union is a good choice for interventions, the UN for sanctions –if it’s just the UK it won’t really do much Who will back and who will oppose your course of action – in general China & Russia oppose international action against the same people as the West does America tends to oppose action against Israel – are your sanctions viable can you actually win a fight if these actors are involved

5 During Prep 2 Even if you don’t know about groups – if it’s a conflict there will tend to be rebels and a state Rebel groups in conflicts are rarely homogenous and peaceful – if the country has a high % of Islamic population Al-quaeda are normally involved What are the incentives of these groups – 1.States desire security and prosperity (Burma sanctions are a great example) 2.Rebels often come from marginalised discriminated against groups (this is NOT the same as minorities)

6 During the debate If people claim facts you’ve never heard of before – run with it steal the facts as your own to back up your case If people claim things that are untrue – only spend time pointing this out if it’s important and you can explain why it’s untrue rather than just say it is If one team is clearly doing an essay on the topic and fab debaters don’t expect to beat them – aim for the second

7 Types of motions THW militarily intervene in Syria THW lift all sanctions on North Korea THBT Western Liberal Democracies should boycott the Russian Olympics TH regrets the invasion of Iraq

8 2. Rules of war/International justice Important considerations on the legitimacy of action: 1. Self-defence – is the act essential protection from an existential threat 2. Humanitarianism – is the act/type of war the most humane possible to achieve the goals. ALWAYS THINK RELATIVE HERE (motions on legalising child soldiers have been made before) 3.Strategic interest – Are states entirely self-interested 4. International precedent – even if in some scenarios this course of action might be good is the precedent so important we can’t let it happen

9 The International Criminal court -pros Theoretically promises accountability no matter what Creates a rigorous standard of what you can and can’t do as a leader/general both at peace and in war (deterrent affect?) Gives the potential for justice to the victims of crimes where no other – the court’s mandate only starts when there is no chance at local justice

10 The International Criminal court -cons Ineffective enforcement mechanisms – relies on local people handing people over (only 1 conviction to date) Accused of racism and colonialism – almost everyone charged is African (Serbia was dealt with by independent commissions before the ICC existed) Neither America nor Israel have signed it – both fear political prosecutions

11 Examples THBT the ICC should use Private Military Companies to enforce warrants THW lift the international ban on child soldiers TH regrets the moral and legal distinction between conventional and chemical weapons THBT it is the right of all states to develop nuclear weapons THBT energy security is 1 legitimate reason for military action

12 3. Point of View debates Assume the identity of a certain actor or nation (for example Japan) and debate benefits of a certain policy for you Do not forget the affect on other nations – if Japan remilitarises China may consider economic action You are generally aiming for benefit for your “faction” or nation however rather than a “better world” though these things will often go hand in hand Otherwise you should consider the things in the first 2 types of motions

13 Examples THBT Japan should acquire nuclear weapons TH, as Germany, would immediately cease all reparations to the State of Israel THBT Greece should ban the Golden Dawn party TH, as the Muslim Brotherhood (of Egypt), would sincerely offer to cease resistance, participate in elections and respect a liberal constitution

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