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Meadowell 2011 Patient Questionnaire.

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1 Meadowell 2011 Patient Questionnaire












13 Patient Comments: The staff at Meadowell provide a good service, keep it up! Well done. Love it! People who should make more of an effort to not be under the influence of alcohol when they no they have to attend and that doesn’t mean they have to stop. Just for the appointment. Sweet As! I think it’s good, both doctors and staff and waiting room. I have used this surgery since 2009 and no complaints. This is a very helpful service and it would be very bad for Watford should they ever shut Meadowell down. Overall a very good service sometimes you wait a long time for your appointment and people turn up later than you and are seen before you and I don’t know why. It can be very stressful when too many people are here at the same time maybe that we shouldn’t bring any friends. Very nice staff. I had a appointment for 3pm, I was early but people without appointments went in before me. I think if you are on time you should see the doctor first.

14 Patient Comments: Give the patient the choice of putting their name on the questionnaire. When surgery becoming self governing there should be a patient committee panel who have quarterly meetings with all staff or the surgery, this allows the surgery to keep what patients want and visibly show they were engaged with the running and thoughts process at the surgery. Questionnaires should have dates on them so admin know when that era be agenda item at panel or committee meetings. Colouring the questionnaire will let people know questions have been processed and new ones are in place if relevant. Opening hours on Saturday 9-12? Help local unemployed, train people in admin or reception duties either voluntary or small payment that would not affect benefits. Fundraiser to extend the surgery so other things can be done. Ask people to write box setions whether yes or no. Anonymous box for private circulars please! Since my return to the surgery I have been more than well looked after.

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