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School to School Support School Led Improvement A Governor Perspective Penny Conway – Advisory Governor.

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1 School to School Support School Led Improvement A Governor Perspective Penny Conway – Advisory Governor

2 My background o Governor since 1997 o Governor at 3 different schools o Chair since 2003 o Advisory Governor since 2011

3 Experience of working in partnership with other governors: o Working with and advising the GBs of several schools in various circumstances which have faced very different challenges o CoG of a school working in close partnership with 2 other schools to share good practice and ideas, as well as for mutual support We can rant/sob/celebrate together as the need arises! o Working with fellow governors as a school moved towards becoming a sponsored academy o Advising on federation with another local school

4 Why would governors work together? As a governor, have you ever thought... “I wish there was someone who has been here, done this and can tell me about it”

5 Getting help and advice Contact Governor Services Arrange some training Talk to other governors

6 What could governors work on together? Quick discussion: Think of issues that your own GB might want to discuss and work through with another group of governors or with an Advisory Governor.

7 What have governors worked on together? The basics: Roles and responsibilities bringing clarity Agenda setting what’s on the agenda? in what order? at which meeting?

8 Governors working together The essentials: Data analysis what information? when? what to do with it once you’ve got it? Head’s report what is it essential to include? what can governors ask the HT to include?

9 Checking information: Governor monitoring visits linking to the TOP not impinging too much on normal running of the school Verifying what you are told confirming accuracy and reliability of information triangulating Governors working together

10 Mutual support: Staff/governor relations help with building bridges where trust has broken down Policy development pooling knowledge and expertise

11 Governors working together The extras: Joint training inviting other governors to in-house training brings a different perspective gives more people access to the training Social events good for everyone’s morale!

12 So what went well and what was achieved? Social events - very well! helps put faces to names making cooperation and consultation easier to achieve not too often or it becomes just another meeting

13 What went well /what was achieved? Joint GB training and policy development works well and shares the work load more widely needs to take into account the different starting point for each school Roles and responsibilities raising awareness is easy getting out of bad habits is harder

14 What went well /what was achieved? Agenda setting and data analysis concrete activities good to work on and discuss with others only works if everyone is honest about their own areas for development Monitoring visits and triangulation benefits as above but requires time in school visiting another school will help you see your own in a whole new light

15 What went well /what was achieved? Head’s report consider different formats clarify what to include and level of detail Staff/governor relations difficult area if there has been loss of trust an outside view can help build bridges

16 How can governors work together and support each other? Chat about issues and questions or share thoughts and ideas by email, phone or over coffee Attend each other’s FGB and/or committee meetings and give feedback about what was observed either generally or in response to a specific concern

17 How can governors work together and support each other? Carry out monitoring visits together and share thoughts about was seen and how that compares with what you see in your own school Organise joint training sessions which will stimulate more questions about what your governing body does and what it could do differently

18 Can this work and really lead to school improvement? YES! I have seen: Governors empowered to ask questions and take the action they need to take Meetings run more effectively and efficiently Ofsted /HMIs praise GBs for their work and comment favourably on the improvements they have made

19 Remember: No one has a monopoly on “the best way to do things” Everyone has something to offer What works well in your school now... might not work so well in another school... or work so well in your school in the future

20 As governors we need to be... Clear about what our strengths are... and willing to share them with others Honest about when we need support... and willing to ask for help and advice

21 We all need all the help we can get It is never easy keeping several balls in the air at once, especially when someone on the sidelines keeps lobbing in extras...... so what exactly is “Britishness”?

22 Quick recap Advisory Governors:  Who are we? Volunteers, experienced Chair of Governors and retired Head Teachers  What do we do? Support and advise Governing Bodies with any aspect of governance  What seems to work well? Sharing experiences and ideas, so long as everyone is honest and open to suggestions  What do we enjoy about our work? Seeing improvement, celebrating success and it’s a great learning experience  How do you access our support? Through the School Governance Team or Local Authority Advisers Has anyone got any other questions?

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