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Acing BCIS 3680 Let’s Get Started….

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1 Acing BCIS 3680 Let’s Get Started…

2 address for course-related communication: Take the survey and give me the address you’ll be really using for this course – an account where you’ll check mail at least once a day. An distribution list will be built using the addresses I collect. If you’re not on the list, you’ll be missing out A LOT!

3 Tutoring The tutor for the course is the top student from last semester. Make the best of his time! Be considerate for the tutor. Do you homework (literally and figuratively) before you go see the tutor. Go over the course materials. Try to find answers in the textbooks and the slides. Don’t waste the tutor’s time because he has to go over something you could have known if you really looked.

4 Tutoring Hours It’s on the last page of the syllabus.

5 Getting Help from Your Instructor
Do not hesitate to contact me whenever you encounter problems. Send your request to the correct address (pardon my rudeness if you don’t). ATTACH YOUR SOURCE CODE (AND SCREENSHOT IF APPLICABLE) WITH YOUR INITIAL REQUEST!

6 Doing the Homework Start early! When you submit it on Blackboard, make sure your work is attached correctly. If you suspect an issue, make a screenshot of the Blackboard screen and me immediately.

7 Doing the Homework Most assignments will be cumulative – later ones build on top of earlier ones. At any cost, avoid skipping any of them – you would end up doing something anyways, but for no credit.

8 Getting Feedback The grader will attach your gradesheet to your homework. It has the same format as the grading rubric but shows where you lost those points.

9 Taking the Exams Be ready to furnish your eight-digit UNT ID before you come to the test. The exam grade posted on Blackboard is the points you made out of the possible maximum for that exam. It is NOT a percentage grade. You get to keep the bonus points – in other words, it’s possible to make 56 out of 50 for an exam or 370 out of 350 for the semester.

10 Taking the Exams At the end of the semester, I will NOT “bump up” or “round up” your points even if you’re only one point below the cut-off line for the next higher letter grade. 315 is an A. But 314 get you a B. No exceptions. Take advantage of any extra credit opportunities.

11 Most Importantly… Be attentive in class! Apply the rule. You’ll spend 20% of your time in class but get to see where 80% of the most important stuff is.

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