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MAC 1114 Trigonometry. All changes will be announced during class.

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1 MAC 1114 Trigonometry

2 All changes will be announced during class.

3  Office: S204A  Phone: 407-708-2251  E mail: ◦ Include course number in subject line Office hours:  Monday & Wednesday:7:45-8:00 9:15-9:30 10:45-11:00 1:20-2:20  Tuesday & Thursday: 7:45-8:00 10:45-1:45

4  Get your textbook as soon as possible ◦ You may use the eBook through MyMathLab ◦ Solutions manual is your option  MyMathLab is mandatory for homework ◦ See your syllabus for course ID  Start a notebook ◦ Half for notes ◦ Half for homework ◦ Keep it neat and organized

5  Get a graphing calculator immediately ◦ TI84 Smartview is used in class ◦ Other models can be acceptable for use ◦ TI-Nspire may not be used during a test ◦ Some tests may have a no calculator part  Bring your calculator to class everyday  Practice using your calculator ◦ In-class exercises ◦ Homework ◦ Do not wait until the day of a test

6 90-100A 80-89B 70-79C 60-69D Below 60F

7  4 tests  Cumulative final exam  Homework  Quizzes  Extra credit  If all four test scores are 90% or above you are exempt from the final exam

8  All homework is done through MyMathLab. ◦ Each homework grade is determined the day of the test.  Each homework grade is determined the day of the test. I average the homework section grades and then take this percentage of 15 points.

9  5 Quizzes ◦ Lowest score dropped  May not make up if absent, late, or leave early

10 ◦ Take home problems  From the textbook or online  Turned in on test day ◦ Take advantage of all opportunities  Possible to improve class grade by a letter

11  Taken daily  Deadline for grade of W is March 19, 2012  No instructor may give a grade of W after March 19, 2012  No W can be given for 3 rd attempt  You may be withdrawn before the above date if you miss 4 consecutive classes without contacting instructor  You may be given a grade of F after the above date if you miss 4 consecutive classes without contacting instructor

12  NO make-up tests unless: ◦ Medical emergency with documentation ◦ Make arrangements ahead of time  Final exam score counts twice and replaces first missed test score  2 nd missed test gets a score of 0

13  Grade of C or better in College Algebra or Precalculus, or  Acceptable placement test score  It is your responsibility to make sure these prerequisites have been met ◦ If they have not been met, please see me after class ◦ It is important to get into the correct class as early as possible

14  Honesty is expected  Cheating on tests will result in ◦ Grade of 0 on that test ◦ Possible 0 for the course  Quizzes are just like tests  Students may work together on out of class extra credit problems

15  Put your cell phone away when you enter class ◦ If phone usage is seen or heard during class there may be an immediate pop quiz for the entire class ◦ If there is a possibility of an emergency call you must alert me before class begins  Arrive late or leave early-sit by door ◦ Close door quietly  No side conversations-distracts others

16  It will be adhered to as close as possible  All changes to test dates will be announced in class  Know when your tests are scheduled-be prepared!  Must move at a very fast pace to complete all material

17  Instructor’s office hours  My website at   Free tutoring in the Academic Success Center  Videotapes:check-out of library  Student’s Solutions Manual  MyMathLab  Study groups

18  2 or more students in a group  10 or more hours over the semester ◦ Drop lowest test score OR ◦ At the date of the final if you are satisfied with your course grade and have not scored less than 50% on any test then you may opt out of the final exam. If any test or the homework/quiz grade is below 50% then you may not drop the final exam grade.  Flexible  Communicate with each other  Time sheets turned in every 5 weeks ◦ 1 st and last names ◦ Class title ◦ Totals  All timesheets submitted by the day of the 4 th test

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