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1 Click here to go back to the beginning Click here to go back a slide. Click here to go to the next slide. If you need to do anything else, the instructions will be on the screen. Now move onto the next slide. Welcome to SU training You use this training session just like any other PowerPoint presentation The next line or item will automatically come up on the screen, until you need to click onto the next slide …. Slide 1

2 PART-TIME STAFF INDUCTION In this session you will learn about working for the SU – about the organisation, the rules, how you get paid, and how we will try to help you. Slide 2

3 This training is compulsory for all paid staff. Depending upon your role you will also need to complete some of the courses listed below. Your training plan will tell you what you need to do. – Basic and Advanced health and safety – Coaching – Communication and interpersonal skills – Customer service and complaints – First aid – How to train and teach – Licensing laws and regulations – Supervision and performance management – Time management (next slide) Slide 3

4 This training is tested! At the end of the presentation, you’ll be asked a few multiple choice questions. There is a pass mark for the test. Your results will be emailed to our admin team, and they will let you know if you’ve passed or if you need to complete the training again. (next slide) Slide 4

5 About the SU The SU is led by the Sabbatical Officers, elected by our members. Haviour Chen is our current President Kane Rodriquez-Walker is Vice President, Student Experience And Tom Hatton is Vice President, Engagement and Participation Slide 5

6 Why a Students’ Union? All Universities must ensure there is a Students’ Union by law. At Northampton, we are funded by the University to fulfil this obligation but also to provide a range of services that add to the student experience. We see our role as being there for every student at Northampton, providing support, advice, entertainment and opportunities to gain skills and experience through work, volunteering, sport and through the many societies run by students. Slide 6

7 About the SU This is our staffing structure. Found them? Go to the next slide. On our website you’ll find out who is in each role. Click here and spend a few minutes on our website to find outhere -The name of the Venue and Bar Operations Manager -The name of the Chief Executive Officer -The name of the HR & Training Manager These individuals make up our Senior management Team, led by our Chief Executive. Slide 7

8 More about the SU You could be working in a number of areas of the SU Student Union Enterprises provides our bars, catering, shops and events. Membership Services provides activities, Sport, Societies and offers support services to help you get the most from your time at University. This department also runs our Elections and provides training and support for Student Reps Marketing and Communications aims to make sure every student at Northampton knows what we offer. HR, Administration and Finance make sure that we run effectively and efficiently. Every area of the SU employs students – we are, after all, your Union. You can find out more about the SU on our website – spend a few minutes looking at what we offer now by clicking HERE Don’t skip this – we’ll be asking some questions about it at the end of the session!HERE (next slide) Slide 8

9 YOU are our Ambassador! Whenever you are at work you are an ambassador for the SU – you are the face of the Union, the person our members know. Making sure you know something about us is important so that you can share this, and answer questions when asked. If you are asked a question that you don’t know the answer to, make sure that you refer the member onto someone else – getting them to reception at Park or at Avenue would always be the best solution! You’ll get regular briefings from your line manager on what’s happening and what’s coming up – make sure you listen so that you can pass this information onto your friends, as well as people who might ask you when you’re working. Be a GREAT ambassador! (next slide) Slide 9

10 Working for the SU STUDY COMES FIRST You will never be asked to work more than 16 hours per week during term time We are flexible and will accommodate your academic timetable and also that urgent assignment! (next slide) Slide 10

11 Rules! You are not allowed to have phones, wallets, money or other personal items with you while working. Please put them in the lockers provided. If you are given a uniform for your job you MUST wear it, and conform to any other dress restrictions, or you will be sent home and not allowed to work – you won’t be paid! If you don’t have a uniform, remember that you are representing the Union and dress appropriately. Your line manager will let you know what is acceptable. Please remember personal hygiene – you wouldn’t want to work with someone who hasn’t washed!! If issued with a till fob, you MUST bring it with you to every shift. If you lose it, you will be charged for its replacement. We know that your customers could also your friends – but keep personal chat to a minimum while you are working please. If you are given a daily checklist to work through this MUST be adhered to and must be signed. Do NOT leave your workspace unattended for any reason. This is a security risk. You will be given breaks by your Shift Supervisor or Manager (15 minutes for 4 hour shift; 30 minutes for 6 hour shift). If you leave your workspace unattended you may be subject to disciplinary action. DO NOT SMOKE IN THE SU BUILDINGS AT ANY TIME. (next slide) Slide 11

12 Getting Paid To be able to pay you we need to know when you have worked! You MUST scan in (or sign in) and out for every shift. You will be shown what to do at the beginning of your first shift. IF YOU DON’T SCAN IN / OUT YOU MIGHT NOT GET PAID! (next slide) Slide 12

13 Getting Paid..again! We will need a P45 from your last employer (which may be the SU if you are a returner), or you will need to complete a P46. We will need your NI Number. If you do not have one you will not be able to start work. We will need a completed Personal Information Form. We will need to see approved ID – a Passport or National ID card – before you can start work. BRING THIS INFORMATION WITH YOU TO THE BRIEFING DAY, OR YOUR FIRST DAY AT WORK (if you miss the briefing day) – WITHOUT IT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO START WORK! (next slide) Slide 13

14 Time management IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU ARE ON TIME FOR YOUR SHIFTS. Not only is it rude, it is also unprofessional to be late. By being late you may delay a colleague from leaving, or a service from opening. IF BEING LATE IS UNAVOIDABLE (and we know that this is sometimes the case) CALL THE DUTY MANAGER LINE SO THAT ARRANGEMENTS CAN BE MADE. DO NOT call / text / email individual members of staff. They may not be on duty – ALWAYS call the Duty Manager on the number provided. AAVENUE DUTY MANAGER LINE 07790 470 943 PPARK DUTY MANAGER LINE 07970 177 237 Slide 14

15 Sickness and Non-attendance If you are rostered for a shift that you aren’t able to do, it is YOUR responsibility to arrange a replacement and to advise your line manager. If you are unwell and unable to attend, call the Duty Manager line as soon as you realise this so that alternative arrangements can be made. Again DO NOT call / text / email individuals – ALWAYS call the Duty Manager. If you miss a shift without making the above arrangements you may be subject to disciplinary procedures. Remember, if you are not at work – for whatever reason – you will not be paid. Slide 15 AAVENUE DUTY MANAGER LINE 07790 470 943 PPARK DUTY MANAGER LINE 07970 177 237

16 Other important stuff The SU has policies and procedures for many aspects of working for us. You can find them all by clicking If you have any problems or concerns while working for us, you should always start by talking to your line manager. If that doesn’t resolve it, then you should initially talk to Yvonne, our Central Services Manager and human resources lead. Bullying and harassment is not tolerated. Report this to your line manager or a member of the Senior Management Team immediately. You will be given all the support you need to resolve the issue, including, if necessary, instigating a Grievance or Complaint. The policy for this is Hopefully you will have no problems – but if we need to instigate disciplinary procedures against you we will follow our policy, which is (next slide) Slide 16

17 Employability The SU is committed to helping you to develop your skills, and to gain experience that will help you get a great job when you graduate. In your Role Description is a ‘map’ showing the skills you should gain while working with us. We will provide you with coaching and regular feedback to make sure that you get the most from your experience with us. We encourage you to also enrol with Careers and Employability for the Certificate in Employability which will really add to you CV – if you do we will do all we can to help you achieve it! You will find more on the Certificate in Employability from the Careers and Employability service – you can contact them (next slide) Slide 17

18 That’s it … You’ve finished your first session. Please now use the link provided to complete the test. Please answer every question – it’s multiple choice, and isn’t hard – we just want to make sure that you’ve understood everything that you’ve read here. You may then need to complete other training. Check the email that provided the links to this. Remember, you won’t be able to start work until you’ve taken all compulsory training. Thank you for completing your Induction training. Slide 18

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