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Direct Care Worker Curriculum Cynthia Sundstrom, RN, MS West Virginia Department of Education.

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1 Direct Care Worker Curriculum Cynthia Sundstrom, RN, MS West Virginia Department of Education

2 OBJECTIVES Develop an understanding of how collaborations work in the WVPEL work group model Be able to describe what the direct care registry is and how it works Be able to describe what is taught in the standard curriculum, and how the certification process works.

3 WVPEL Direct Care Workforce Work Group Mission of the Direct Care Workforce Develop a registry Develop curriculum to meet family and homebound client needs Vision All direct care workers will have knowledge, skills and empathy to work with homebound individuals and their families to provide high quality care.

4 West Virginia 6000 DCW reported working in 2009 Many others “under table” 2009 Home health aides provide additional care – 5500 Many of these folks have little or no training

5 First Things First Roles and responsibilities of a DCW Philosophy of Providing Direct Care – Basic principles Independence, choice, dignity, people can learn, person-centered approach, consumer direction – Independent living and self determination Stress dignity, choices and decision making Client can be in charge of their own life

6 Who are Direct Care Workers? People who work in this occupation generally: – Social interests – Prefer realistic and conventional environments (WV Strategic Compass)

7 Who Can Attend DCW Training Student’s must be in a health science education class or attend class at a local industry provider that has a trained instructor. Requirements – Fingerprinting – Drug screen – Motor Vehicle Department Check – Health Requirements Hepatitis B Tine Test and others depending

8 DCW Curriculum Required – OSHA, HIPAA, Dementia Care, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Trainings (must be renewed annually) Curriculum – Made up of 14 modules

9 Modules Module 1 - Introduction to Direct Care Assisting Module 2 - Role of the Direct Care Worker Module 3 - Consumer Rights, Ethical and Legal Issues Affecting the Direct Care Worker Module 4 - Safety in the Home Module 5 - Communication as a Direct Care Worker Module 6 - Meeting Basic Human Needs using a Person Centered Approach Module 7 - Body Systems, Diseases and Disorders

10 Modules Continued Module 8 - Infection Control Module 9 – Home Care and Patient/Client Mobility, Positioning and Transfer Module 10 - Basic Direct Care Worker Skills Module 11- Provide Care for Geriatric Patients Module 12 - Care for the Patient with Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease Module 13 -Death and Dying Module 14 - Supervised Clinical Experience

11 Skills and Clinical Experience Skill check off sheet – Use a lab to check students off prior to clincial – Make sure they do it for you at least 3 times successfully before you sign them off Supervised Clinical Experience – Apply the theory and skills they have used – Can be intermittently spaced – Demonstrate ability to perform basic DCW skills – Provide care for the in home client


13 Questions???? Contact information: Cyndy Sundstrom, RN, MS 304.558.3119

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