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Summary Slide Consumer Directed Option.

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1 Summary Slide Consumer Directed Option

2 Consumer Directed Option
DRAFT Consumer Directed Option Kentucky Independence Plus Program Overview of Course: This course will present information about the principles and tools of self-determination. Participants will learn about the effects the service system has had on people with disabilities and how self-determination works to free people to have more control over their own lives. Target Audience: Persons with disabilities and their families, support providers, advocacy groups. Start/Stop Times: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Recommended length: 6 hours Ice Breaker: Ask participants to introduce themselves, share their role as self-advocate, parent, support provider, etc., and share a word or phrase that comes to mind when they think about self-determination for themselves or others. Instructor should document these words or phrases on a flip chart and keep posted throughout the training.

3 What is Consumer Direction
Principles of CDO Freedom Authority Support Responsibility Confirmation

4 Consumer Directed Option (cont’d)
Projected start date is Fall 2005. Consumer Directed Option is NOT an increase or expansion of current services.

5 These Services May Be Consumer Directed
HCB services: Respite, Personal Care, Homemaking, Attendant Care SCL services: Respite, Community Living Supports, Community Habilitation ABI services: Respite, Companion Care, Personal Care

6 What are Blended (Traditional & CDO) Services
CDO and traditional waiver services may be provided at the same time depending on the individual’s needs and approved plan. Services may not be duplicated. Medicaid and Waiver eligibility will not change.

7 Who can Participate ? Individuals meeting the eligibility and
financial requirements for the following Medicaid Waivers: Home and Community Based Supports for Community Living Acquired Brain Injury

8 Who can Participate? (cont’d)
Individuals who can: Understand the rights and responsibilities of managing their own care. Manage or have someone assist them with their budget and self-direction.

9 What is a Representative?
A person to assist you with aspects of consumer direction. Chosen by the individual. Must be at least 21 years of age. Cannot be paid to act as a representative or provide CDO services.

10 Tools for Implementation
DRAFT Tools for Implementation Support Brokerage Entity Individualized Budgets Financial Management Agency

11 What is Support Brokerage?
Required for all individuals participating in CDO. Available 24 hours/ 7 days a week. A single entity will provide support brokerage statewide under contract with the Commonwealth /Department of Medicaid. Individuals choosing CDO may select a support broker of their choice from this entity.

12 Role of Support Broker Represent the INDIVIDUAL.
DRAFT Role of Support Broker Represent the INDIVIDUAL. Assist with the development, revision, and monitoring of the Plan of Care/Support Spending Plan (POC/SSP). Assist with the development, revision and monitoring of an emergency back-up plan. Provide education/information on self-determination and community resources.

13 Role of Support Broker (cont’d)
DRAFT Role of Support Broker (cont’d) Assist with recruiting, hiring, and managing employees of the individual and negotiating rates. Assist with all paperwork and the CDO process. Coordinate all services for individual receiving a blended package of services. Be accountable to the individual and the state.

14 What is an Individualized Budget?
DRAFT What is an Individualized Budget? Based on individual’s needs identified on approved POC/SSP. Allow flexibility on who will provide the identified services. The amount of money in the budget will be determined by Medicaid based on past service usage. May be amended if individual needs change.

15 What is Financial Management?
DRAFT What is Financial Management? Required for individuals participating in CDO. Primary role is paying for services provided. A single entity will provide financial management services statewide under contract with the Commonwealth/Department of Medicaid. Provides budget reports to the individual, support broker, and Medicaid.

16 Role of Financial Management Agency
DRAFT Role of Financial Management Agency Assist individual with administering their individualized budget. Assist with payroll requirements. Ensure all labor laws and state requirements are met. Ensure payments are made for services approved in the POC/SSP.

17 Who can provide CDO services?
The individual and/or their representative may recruit, hire, and supervise their own employees to provide services as approved in their plan of care. Employees may include: Family Friends Relatives Neighbors Employees recruited by consumer Provider agencies

18 Assistance with Consumer Directed Option
When an individual chooses the Consumer Directed Option, he/she can get assistance with finding and managing employees from his/her representative, support broker, and circle of support.

19 CDO Requirements CDO individuals and/or representatives
employees, and Support Broker must complete training on self-determination. Employees shall complete other training as needed and directed by the individual, including CPR and First Aid. Employees must submit to background check. Adhere to tax and labor laws.

20 Person Centered Planning
POC/SSP developed based on person centered planning. Guiding Principles of Person Centered Planning used. The plan ensures services will meet the overall health and safety needs of the individual. Ensures budgeted amount to meet individual need.

21 What will be the individual’s responsibilities?
Work with support broker to develop POC/SSP and emergency back-up plan. Work with financial management agency to work within their budget. As employer – hire, train, schedule, fire staff. Follow the POC/SSP. Select representative, if desired/needed.

22 What happens if the individual no longer wants or is able to consumer direct?
Return to traditional services. No break in service delivery.

23 Questions For further information, please contact one of the following people at (502) Debbie Bolton-Plucknett Benita Jackie Cece Vest Mary Walker(Medicaid) at (502)

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