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Why do people migrate? Factors that effect trafficking outcomes and vulnerability.

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1 Why do people migrate? Factors that effect trafficking outcomes and vulnerability

2 Vulnerable Community Person seeking a better life Based on a variety of needs and motivations, people make choices related to a possible migration Safe Migration If the potential migrant is well- informed and is lucky enough to be associated with people who have no intension of exploiting him/her, the outcome can be very positive Trafficking Outcome: Slavery However, if the potential migrant is ill-informed or being influenced by criminals who’s intent is to exploit, the outcome can be devastating. It is important to note that in addition to these end points, there are many people who migrate and fall somewhere in between these two extremes. For example, a person might be exploited, but not enough to be considered trafficked. Not all exploitation is trafficking…..

3 To better understand how the migratory process can be directly associated with a trafficking outcome, there are pre-departure factors that need to be taken into consideration. They include… Community vulnerability… Personal motivations and needs… and the influence stakeholders, family members and others have on influencing the potential migrant’s decisions.

4 Each community has a variety of different factors that makes it either more vulnerable or less vulnerable to recruiters/traffickers For example….. The relative alignment of these factors can help predict a community’s vulnerability. Community Vulnerability

5 CONSUMERISM STRONG WEAK PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING (COMMUNITY) PESSIMISTIC OPTIMISTIC ECONOMIC SECURITY NO ECONOMIC SECURITY ECONOMIC SECURITY STABILITY OF COMMUNITY (NO CONFLICTS/DISASTERS) UNSTABLE STABLE HUMAN SECURITY NO HUMAN SECURITY HUMAN SECURITY PRESENT UNDERSTANDING OF TRAFFICKING RISK NO UNDERSTANDING UNDERSTANDING GEOGRAPHICAL PROXIMITY TRAFFICKING PRESENT TRAFFICKING NOT PRESENT COMMUNITY VULNERABILTY? This table identifies seven elements that can be used to measure community vulnerability When a community’s indicators fall on this end of the spectrum, it is considered more vulnerable Likewise, when a community’s indicators fall on this end of the spectrum, it is considered less vulnerable Understanding these factors helps to predict which communities need more preventive support than others.

6 Within each community, there are individuals who are predisposed to migrate. A person’s unique individual needs and motivations must also be taken into consideration…. While the previous table can give us some indication of which communities are more vulnerable than others, …. For example…. Personal Needs and Motivations

7 Motivations and needs to migrate are varied and not always based on negative factors Potential migrant Lack of human security Education abroad AdventurePoverty Desire to increase status Escape stigma Increase economic stability Emotional stability Note the many reasons why a person might chose to migrate.. It is not simply poverty. Decision Influencers Family members Neighbors Past Migrants Traffickers Community leaders Those who influence the decision to migrate include a variety of people.. Understanding the relationship between motivations and those who influence the decisions is essential for understanding how to prevent trafficking from happening

8 Why are these factors important? Because to develop effective prevention programs, we MUST understand what motivates a person to migrate. Assuming that poverty is the main motivating factor is too simplistic and will result in assumptions that will not help to reduce trafficking vulnerability. An analysis of community vulnerability, personal needs and motivations, along with an understanding of who influences a potential migrant, will help to develop the right messages and interventions.

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