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National Science Teacher Association – ONU Student Chapter

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1 National Science Teacher Association – ONU Student Chapter

2 NSTA's Mission: "... to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all."

3 The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), founded in 1944. It is the largest organization in the world committed to promoting excellence and innovation in science teaching. NSTA's current membership of more than 55,000 includes science teachers, science supervisors, administrators, scientists, business and industry representatives, and others involved in and committed to science education.

4 Frequently asked questions about NSTA membership: Cost: For full-time students, proof of current registration and an advisor's signature is required; $32 witch includes membership and journal. Additional journals are another $32. Free on-line membership for the first year. ** If I leave my organization, does my membership "travel " with me? With your permission, NSTA will transfer your membership from one organization to another.

5 Olivet Nazarene University Student Chapter NSTA has over 90 student chapters. NSTA and the student chapters are separate but interdependent organizations that have elected to ally themselves to encourage professional development and networking of preservice teachers of science from across the United States and Canada. Student chapter participation offers opportunities for increased leadership skills, career growth, and networking for students and faculty.

6 Types of Clubs Start Up –Max 2 semester, minimum 1 semester after approval semester before we become a Standard club. –After 2 semesters of Start Up semester, must apply for Standard; if not, we will be dismissed. Standard –Exist for at least 1 semester, 10 member minimum, and have demonstrated activities.

7 Rights Start Up –Facilities –Self publicized –No year book picture –Start Up Allocation of $100 a year –No petition rights –No soliciting/ fundraising –Monthly updates (due 1 st of every month October through April; includes meetings, activities, officers) Standard –Facilities –Publicity council –Yearbook pictures –No money allocation; can petition for up to $300 a year –Limited petition rights –One fundraiser per year –Mid term and semester updates (October and December 1sst, February and April 15th)

8 Portfolio Submitted on-line by club officers; must be submitted on time or rights will be revoked until the next time a portfolio is due. Portfolio must include: –Activity form (what we’ve done and what we plan on doing) –Minutes from all meetings (monthly) –Treasurer's report signed by VP of Finance (any money we have, any money spent, any money needed) –Current Roster –Constitution Amendments (if any) – Succession Plan (Officers for following school year, only mid term spring semester)

9 NSTA – ONU Constitution Article I - Name –The name of this organization will be Olivet Nazarene University NSTA Student Chapter. (NSTA – ONU) Article II - Purpose –NSTA – ONU will promote the following: Promote the mission of the NSAT. Familiarize future science teachers with resources provided by the NSAT. Supply professional growth and development in science education. Support and encourage students in science. Make members aware of activities through an electronic newsletter.

10 Article III - System –Section 1. Membership Eligible to all secondary science education majors and elementary education majors actively perusing science endorsements. Cumulative GPA of 2.5. Exceptions will be made. The NSTA – ONU does not discriminate membership eligibility because of age, color, disability, gender, familial status, height, martial status, nation origin, political party, race, religion, sexual orientation, or weight. A student who is in good status with the classes enrolled leading into the appropriate degree. –Section 2. Rights Any active member shall be entitled to vote, participate in discussions and activities, and otherwise receive chapter benefits and materials. An active member is defined as anyone who participating in activities and meetings.

11 Article IV - Government –Section 1. Officers Present and Vice Present may be held only by secondary science education majors. Treasurer and Secretary may be held by any active NSAT – ONU member. Each officer may hold office no more then four terms. Elections will be held once a year, in the spring of every school year. –Section 2. Duties President: Begin and end each meeting, send out electronic newsletter to members, organize activities, direct activities, work with advisor, coordinate trip to annual CAST conference, organize fundraising, be responsible for all communication with CAST and NSTA headquarters, and Represent NSTA – ONU at the CAST and/or NSTA annual meetings/conference. Vice President: Work closely with the president, assist president in varies activities, and accept any and all delegation from the president. Treasurer: Set up and manage money, keep records of all transactions, keep all officers informed of finances, report an accurate balance at all meetings. Secretary: Record what happens during each meeting, record when and where the meeting takes place, record how long the meeting take, and keep track of a membership list/roster

12 Article V - Amendments –Only officers and advisor have right to change the constitution of the NSTA – ONU only after the issue has been discussed in a formalized meeting. Article VI - Termination –If at any time, the NSTA – ONU organization is disbanded, all remaining funds shall be donated to the Olivet Nazarene University Science Department.

13 Article VII - Advisor –Responsibilities of the advisor: Acts as community liaison of area schools. Provide overall guidance to all members of NSTA – ONU. Encourage all members to actively participate in all activities. Work with the officers to promote the effective administration of the NSTA – ONU. The advisor should meet with the club at least once or twice a semester to make sure that the NSTA – ONU is a productive club.

14 The Need For This Organization on Campus: Good science teachers are a real need now. This organization will open the doors for future science teachers. What we learn here on this campus will one day, in a classroom of our own and in our everyday lives, help open the eyes of our students to the world of science. This organization is a good way to interact with other Olivet students with similar majors. Science Education Majors need a place of our own.

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