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NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OPENING SOCIAL MEETING. WELCOME… Today, we will go over theexpectations, the events, and the bylaws of this year’s NHS service.

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2 WELCOME… Today, we will go over theexpectations, the events, and the bylaws of this year’s NHS service opportunities

3 CHARACTER: National Honor Society has a reputation for being smart, hard- working, driven, citizens of society. We are going to expect the same from you. The way you act from now on is a direct reflection of the rest of us.

4 SCHOLARSHIP: You must retain a grade point average of 3.85 or higher starting from the end of term 1 throughout the rest of the year.

5 LEADERSHIP: Do not wait for someone else to step up to lead and help others. You are that someone else now.

6 SERVICE: Throughout the year, you will be expected to provide service hours alongside the rest of us as well as on your own. You must provide 5 hours of personal service EACH semester.

7 The details of these service hours is on the pink and yellow papers. You will keep these papers and bring them to the service projects where Mr. Rice will sign the yellow paper for each of the projects after you have earned the time.

8 You must also attend at least 3 of the 5 NHS group service projects. The dates of these group projects are: October 28 th November 12 th January 14 th March 13 th April 29 th

9 REMIND PROGRAM: You will be required to sign up for Mr. Rice’s Remind alert program. You can do this by signing up to receive text message alerts or by receiving email alerts. You can text @oremnhs to (801) 436-5807 (Mr. Rice does not have you actual phone number and you do not have his) Or you can sign up via email by emailing a blank email to

10 FEES: If you have not already, please pay your one time 10 dollar fee to the financial office anytime during this week. These monies go toward supplies as well as fun things like refreshments and awards. I am sorry that we do not have refreshments today. (I tried!) Alpine School District has started a new financial program and for the next month or so, we aren’t able to spend money even if it is currently in our account. Don’t worry, this means there will be more for later. It’s an investment, right!?

11 BYLAWS AND SUSTAINING OF BYLAWS: Article I - Name 1. The name of the organization shall be The Orem High School National Honor Society.

12 Article II - Purpose I. The purpose of the Orem High School National Honor Society shall be to create enthusiasm and recognition for academic scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership opportunities and qualities, and to develop character in the membership of the organization.

13 Article III - Powers I. The organization will function within the policies and constraints dictated by the constitution of Orem High School. II. As a charter member of the National Honor Society of Secondary Schools, Orem High School National Honor Society will function within the constraints of the National Constitution. III. The chapter advisor is given the authority to supervise the administration of chapter activities, as delegated by the school principal. IV. Final authority on all activities and decisions of the chapter resides with the school principal (See Article V, Section 1 of the National Constitution). V. The Orem High chapter of NHS maintains policies and practices that are designated to prevent discrimination against any qualified candidate or member on the basis of age, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, gender, and disability. This policy of non-discrimination applies to all practices, including the chapter administration and the selection, discipline, and dismissal of members.

14 Article IV - Membership I. Membership in this chapter is an honor bestowed upon deserving students by the faculty and shall be based on the criteria of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. II. Eligibility: Qualification for membership in the Orem High National Honor Society will be determined by the advisor and approved by the student council representatives and faculty council members. Candidates eligible for selection to this chapter must be members of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Candidates eligible for selection to the chapter shall have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.85 on a 4.0 scale. Upon meeting the grade level, enrollment, and GPA standards, candidates will then be considered based on their academics, service, leadership, and character. Academics: Successful completion of advanced level academic classes according to the following schedule: A course designated as HONORS counts for 0.5 point. A University Course (UVU—not concurrent enrollment) counts for 0.5 point. An ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) course counts for 1.0 point. A sophomore candidate must be enrolled in or have completed the equivalent of ONE (1) point. A junior candidate must be enrolled in or have completed the equivalent of THREE (3) points. A senior candidate must be enrolled in or have completed the equivalent of FIVE (5) points. Service: Evaluated through completed/submitted applications. Leadership: Evaluated through completed/submitted applications. Character: Evaluated through completed/submitted applications. Candidates will be required to submit a Student Activity Information Form to the advisor as part of the application process.

15 Article V - Selection of Members I. The selection of members to this chapter shall be by a majority vote of the Faculty Council which consists of five faculty members appointed by the principal. The chapter advisor shall be the sixth, nonvoting, exofficio member of the Faculty Council. II. The selection of active members shall be held once a year. III. Prior to the final selection, the following shall occur: Students cumulative GPAs shall be examined. All students who have met the minimum GPA requirement shall be notified and sent an application during the month of September in accordance with the schedule developed by the governing NHS council and the advisor. The governing NHS council and advisor shall set the deadline for application submissions; any applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. If there are extenuating circumstances, the governing NHS council can make exceptions as deemed necessary.

16 Submitted applications will be reviewed by the governing NHS council for compliance to the requirements of membership (Article IV, Section II). Those candidates who have fulfilled the eligibility requirements will be invited to pay their annual dues and participate in organization activities. Throughout the year, candidates must maintain their eligibility while also fulfilling the requirements of the local chapter. To fulfill requirements of the chapter, students must complete the following: Pay annual dues: Membership dues will be $10.00, paid annually by all members in good standing and new candidates before they are inducted Maintain eligibility Attend three (3) NHS sponsored service projects Five (5) projects will be planned throughout the school year. Complete ten (10) personal service hours—five (5) per semester The service must not be required for a grade or participation in another class or organization. Personal service hours must be student-initiated, organized, and managed. No compensation can be awarded for service hours (credit, pay, etc.). Service hours may not be performed solely to benefit self or immediate family members. All requirements must be documented and submitted to the advisor in accordance with the schedule developed by the governing NHS council. The Faculty Council shall review the candidates to determine those who fully meet the selection criteria for membership. Those candidates will be notified and inducted in an end of year meeting to be held in May in accordance with the schedule developed by the governing NHS council and the advisor.

17 Article VI - Finances I. Any expenditure of money collected from dues will be approved by a vote of the governing council and approved by the advisor and the principal.

18 Article VII - Officers I. The council of the Orem High National Honor Society shall consist of a President, three Vice- Presidents, and a Secretary from the senior class members, and three council members from the junior class members. All possible candidates must be in good standing and maintain their eligibility throughout their term of service. If at any time, they are no longer eligible, they will be removed from the council. II. Council members shall be elected at the last meeting of each school year as scheduled by the ruling council. All returning members in good standing with the chapter are eligible to run for a position as an officer. III. Voting shall be by secret ballot and counted by the outgoing senior council members. The candidate(s) with the most votes in the respective races will fill the position. In the case of a tie, the advisor and the outgoing President will conduct a coin-toss to determine the winner. IV. The NHS council shall make assignments and assign duties to each of the council members. The council will have a minimum of monthly meetings during the school year as scheduled by the council president. It shall be the duty of the president to preside at the meetings of the chapter, and serve as the official representative of the chapter at school and community functions. The senior vice-presidents and junior council members shall keep a record of members’ contributions to leadership and service. The secretary shall keep attendance records for meetings, record business expenses, dues, and all other financial transactions, and be responsible for all official correspondence. V. Officers and the faculty advisor shall be known as the Executive Committee. The executive committee shall establish annual goals for the chapter and have general charge of the meetings and business of the chapter. a. The Executive Committee is responsible for scheduling, planning, and managing all chapter meetings and service projects.

19 Article VIII Meetings I. Orem High NHS candidates/members are expected to attend all required chapter meetings.

20 Article IX - Activities I. The chapter shall plan an opening social. a. All members shall participate in this social. II. The chapter shall plan five service projects. All members shall participate in at least three of five planned projects. These projects shall have the following characteristics: fulfill a need within the school or community, have the support of the administration and the faculty, be appropriate, and be well-planned, organized, and executed. III. The chapter shall plan a closing induction ceremony. All members shall participate in this ceremony. IV. Each candidate/member shall have the responsibility for choosing and participating in an individual service project. This is in addition to the chapter projects to which all members contribute. For specific regulations, see Article V, Section III V. The chapter shall publicize and promote its projects in a positive manner.

21 Article X - Discipline and Dismissal of Members I. Any candidate/member who falls below the standards of scholarship, leadership, character, or service may be considered for discipline or dismissal from the Orem High chapter of the NHS. An NHS member is expected to maintain his/her academic standing and take an active role in service and leadership in his/her school and community. Members are also expected to be an exemplary model of good character. II. Any candidate who does not fulfill the requirements of the Orem High chapter may be considered for discipline or dismissal. III. Violations of the law or school regulations can result in immediate consideration of the dismissal of a member. IV. Chapter officers, as representatives of the chapter, can be removed from their positions as a consequence of disciplinary action taken by the Faculty Council. V. Any considerations for discipline or dismissal will be presented to the Faculty Council. The Faculty Council will then vote on what measures to take. A majority vote of the Faculty Council is needed for any action. a. In lieu of dismissal, the Faculty Council may impose disciplinary sanctions upon a member as deemed appropriate. VI. The results of the Faculty Council vote will be presented to the principal for review, and then stated in a letter sent to the student. VII. A member who is dismissed or resigns may never again be considered for membership in the National Honor Society.

22 Article XI - Ratification, Approval, and Review I. Ratification of the Bylaws of the Orem High National Honor Society shall be by majority approval of the NHS council, including the advisor and principal and a 2/3 vote of the membership in attendance during a general meeting. II. The Bylaws of the Orem High National Honor Society shall be reviewed and, if necessary, revised within five years from the date of approval noted on this document. III. Any member may submit amendments to the bylaws of the Orem High National Honor Society to the NHS council (excepting Articles IV, V, and X which are developed by the Faculty Council with the approval of the principal). If the amendment is approved by a majority of the council including the advisor and the principal, it will be presented to the general membership and passed by a 2/3 vote of those in attendance at a general membership meeting.

23 THANK YOU: Thank you for coming today and thank you for your future service and dedication to our National Honor Society as well as our community both as a student and as graduated members of our community. This really is for the rest of your life!

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