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Student Teaching Application EDFE 130 Lynette Kerrigan Student Teacher & Field Placement Officer 970-351-1623

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1 Student Teaching Application EDFE 130 Lynette Kerrigan Student Teacher & Field Placement Officer 970-351-1623

2 EDFE 130 Welcome to Student Teaching! You should be registered for EDFE 130-Student Teacher Application the semester prior to the semester you plan to student teach. (i.e. If you plan to student teach during Fall Semester, register for EDFE 130 during Spring Semester) Blackboard Shell: You will have a Blackboard Shell appear for EDFE 130. Be sure to check it often for important information.

3 Student Teaching Application Process Make sure you are registered for EDFE 130 1.Research schools/districts you are interested & then complete the Request for Placement survey; find the link on your EDFE 130 Blackboard shell. PRINT the confirmation page as instructed in the survey. (see next slide for instructions) 2.Complete the EDFE 130 Checkpoint Packet: a. Log onto the School of Teacher Education website at b. Click on Checkpoint Courses Requirements & Forms. c. Click on your program. d. Scroll down to EDFE 130 and print the Checklist, Major Content Approval Form and Statement of Understanding for Student Teachers form. Before leaving this page review the instructions for what items you must submit. e. Submit all information/forms listed on the checklist (including the checklist!) to the STE office by the indicated due date. *If you have not yet passed the Place or Praxis test, you must submit a copy of your test registration with your packet by the due date. After completion of your test, you must then bring in a copy of your passing results no later than Dec. 1 for spring student teaching or July 15 for fall student teaching.

4 Request for Placement Survey Student Teacher Candidates: Please complete and submit this on-line application prior to completing your EDFE 130 checkpoint packet. Survey link will be on your Blackboard Shell. Research schools and districts you are interested in. DO NOT contact schools without first knowing if the District allows you to do so prior to receiving a confirmed placement. When in doubt, CALL the human resources office of the district to ask about their policy. Before you begin the survey, make sure you have written and are able to copy and paste two documents into the application : 1. Letter of Introduction (no more than 1 page): letter addressed to ‘Future Cooperating Teacher’ introducing yourself and including information such questions as: - Why you chose teaching as a profession; - What teaching qualities and/or competencies you hope to bring to the classroom; - What do you hope to accomplish as a result of the student teaching experience 2. Resume: a regular job resume listing your educational and work experience. Please avoid bullets and tables; resume copy as text only. -DOUBLE CHECK your grammar, punctuation and spelling. Make sure you have a printer attached to your computer; you will be asked to print a confirmation page to include in your EDFE 130 packet. You may list up to 3 placement options; requests can be specific (including cooperating teachers and grade levels) or general (city or district). Please note, we will try to honor your requests, however we cannot guarantee them.

5 Student Teaching Specifics Student Teaching Assignment Requirements: One 16-week assignment for Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary candidates. Two 8-week assignments for K-12 (Art, Music, PE); 1 in an elementary setting & 1 in a secondary setting. Every student teacher must complete a minimum of 640 clock hours during Student Teaching. You will take the school’s breaks, not UNC’s. Sick days will be required to be made up, resulting in your assignment lasting longer. The only days that do not have to be made up are scheduled school breaks and snow days. Student Teaching Assignments for Spring semesters start on the first day of school after the holiday break; for Fall semesters, you begin the first day teachers are expected to report. The building Principal/District Coordinator, no one else, has the final approval on all student teaching placements. This means that even if you have contacted a cooperating teacher and have been told that they will accept you as their student teacher, this placement is not official until you receive confirmation from UNC.

6 Good Luck! We in the Student Teacher Office look forward to working with you to secure your student teaching placement assignment. Please do not hesitate to contact Lynette Kerrigan with any questions or concerns that you may have. She may be reached at or at 970-351- 1623.

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