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Fall 2011 Group Advising Information for Juniors.

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1 Fall 2011 Group Advising Information for Juniors

2 To Do List before Group Advising Update ISET Checklist according to unofficial transcript Update your four-year plan Complete a GPA prediction worksheet Check on your URSA account for registration date

3 GPA is Very Important! 3.0 cumulative GPA is a prerequisite for the following courses: EDEL 445/446 Literacy Practicum EDEL 450 Math and Social Studies Methods EDEL 453/454 Student Teaching Consider Grade Replacement if needed

4 Grade Replacement Best way to raise your GPA May be applied toward any non-repeatable course Contact Financial Aid regarding guidelines Grade Replacement does affect COF Stipend Information Information

5 Where are your classes located? To ensure your classes are at UNC… Select Main Campus on URSA as Campus choice

6 Course Information Please click on the CRN number for important course requirements for: FILM 120, CH303, SCED 475 Geography concentration - take GEOG 390 spring 2012 * PTEP program requires a B or better in ENG 122 OR ENG 123

7 ESL Information ESL students already in TESL 350, 400, or 380 do not need TESL 101 Questions? Contact

8 TESL 380 ESL and Language Arts concentrations Three options: ENG 318 ENG 419, or TESL 380

9 Math Concentration Changes MATH 395 and MED 381 – fall only courses MATH 391 - spring only course

10 Waiting List If EDRD 314, 319; EDEL 320, 350; or EDF 370 are closed Put your name on the waiting list The waiting list is located on the PTEP website PTEP will notify you via Bear mail if a new section opens

11 EDEL 445/446 Request For Literacy Practicum Placement Register for EDFE 120 semester prior to request Placement requires a Cumulative GPA of 3.0 Completed or currently enrolled in EDEL 350 Proof of registration for PLACE or PRAXIS II Partner Schools need: Resume- Check Career Services website for assistance One-page letter to cooperating teacher ** Preference for placements are NOT guaranteed

12 PLACE or PRAXIS II See PRAXIS II on ISET website PLACE/PRAXIS II Brochures in ISET Office or in Forms on ISET website Take one year prior to Student Teaching Practice/Review material available online or at a bookstore and ISET Library Print scores immediately Score availability expires

13 Please Note! * All methods courses must be completed Prior to final student teaching (EDEL 453 and 454) Methods courses include: ART 444 CH 303 ** (may be taken during student teaching) SES 403 MUS 305 TESL 370 EDEL 450 ( minimum grade of B required) SCED 475 EDEL 445 ( minimum grade of B required)

14 Look at your Degree Evaluation Locate your Degree Evaluation on URSA If you have questions please print this off Bring your Degree Evaluation to Group Advising Your advisor will review your Degree Evaluation and answer your questions

15 Graduation Information Conduct Grad Check semester prior to Literacy Practicum {EDEL 445/446} Registrars Office - Carter Hall 3002 Call to make an appointment: 351-2231 One-time $50 charge for Graduation application See ISET advisor regarding any questions/concerns DO NOT PANIC ! Apply for graduation @ 90 credits applicable toward degree Registrars Office or online

16 Sign-up for your Group Advising Session Everyone must sign-up for a Group Advising session: Call the ISET Office: 351-2929 OR Stop by the ISET Office : McKee 227

17 Final Notes You can make an individual appointment after you have attended Group Advising if you have questions or need to discuss issues privately No PIN numbers are given in individual appointments

18 ISET Advisors Pat Doherty 351-1369 Jaime Donahue 351-1602

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