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1 Serving society Stimulating innovation Supporting legislation Inspiring other policy domains – towards the establishment of a European Union Location Framework (EULF) Francesco PIGNATELLI - European Commission, DG JRC INSPIRE Conference, Florence, 26 June 2013

2 Agenda What are ISA and the EULF? Stakeholders and governance Policy priorities Expected benefits Focus areas Work programme Conclusions

3 Interoperability Solutions for Public Administrations ISA is a Commission-driven EU programme, running from 2010 to 2015, which supports interoperability solutions, sharing and reuse among European Public administrations It provides an architectural framework for the seamless exchange of information between IT- systems of the Member States Development of guidelines, methodologies and components for cross-sector and cross-border ICT solutions

4 The EULF opportunity Location information is used in a wide range of policy areas: environment, agriculture, transport, health, energy, etc. INSPIRE data and standards can be used in many sectors, support cross-sector and cross-border applications, and make a significant contribution to e- Government Action is needed to realise the potential of INSPIRE, engage decision makers and address the barriers to re-use and interoperability of location data/services This can be achieved through the European Union Location Framework

5 So what is the EULF? 5 “The EULF is a strategic framework of standards, case studies, guidelines and actions to realise the potential of location information in Europe, facilitating a more aligned approach in policy areas, improvements in the way location information is used in MS e-Government services, and increased interoperability and re-use of data and services, based on INSPIRE. It aims to cover various sectors and through its actions improve the conditions for building cross-border applications”

6 A wide range of stakeholders ISA ProgrammeEU InstitutionsInterest Groups DIGIT/ISA ProgrammeDG EnvironmentUN-GGIM Europe ISA Governance GroupsDG ConnectStandards Bodies Other ISA ActionsOther Policy DGsEuroGeographics INSPIREEurostatOSS Communities INSPIRE CommitteeCOGIIndustry Groups INSPIRE NCPsEEAResearch / Academia INSPIRE Maintenance & Implementation Group JRCVGI Communities e-GovernmentPan European ProjectsOutside Government MS e-Government Authorities European Location Framework Private sector Cross-border ProjectseENVplusNon-profit / Voluntary smeSPIRE SmartOpenData

7 Joint ISA-INSPIRE Working Group Responsibilities promote the two geospatial ISA Actions (EULF and ARE3NA); identify policy areas where a more integrated, efficient or innovative approach to location information is required; identify gaps and demand for reusable technical components and pilot / test opportunities; identify relevant barriers or good practices; identify the role for INSPIRE and where it will need to be adapted to support cross-sector or cross-border activities; contribute to workshops, review key outputs and advise on sustainability strategies. Membership Commission chair MS e-Government and Location Strategy representatives Commission representatives, e.g. DIGIT, JRC, DG ENV, Eurostat, Note: COGI will communicate with other Commission services

8 EULF: Analysis of Policy Areas

9 Expected Benefits Cost savings through re-use and interoperability of ICT and data Improved policy outcomes, through have a better evidence base e-services designed around user needs with location inbuilt and duplication avoided Applications easier to implement Increased possibilities for innovation Businesses able to introduce new products and services more easily – generating growth Wider socio economic benefits, including citizen participation 9

10 EULF “Dashboard”

11 EULF Phased Work Programme

12 EULF Inception Phase Timetable 12

13 Main actions to date Agree work programme and organise the team Workshops with invited stakeholders to review scope and opportunities Presentations and attendance at events to promote, discuss and gather inputs for the EULF Drafted a Stakeholder Communications and Engagement Strategy Confirmed ToR for a Joint ISA-INSPIRE Working Group Developed an approach to realise the goals of the EULF and an initial draft of the EULF Strategic Vision document Engagement with DG MOVE to support development of ITS Directive specifications Prepared initial best practice factsheets EULF / ARE3NA / ELF workshop at the INSPIRE Conference – Monday 24th June 13

14 Main upcoming activities Policy area reviews – started in May Member State survey and stakeholders’ interviews – initial interviews at INSPIRE Conference, distribution early July Agree relationships with key stakeholders, including:  UN-GGIM Europe – currently agreeing its work programme and considering developing a European Location Strategy  European Location Framework – an initiative from EuroGeographics to create tools, products, and services for cross-border applications Forming a Joint ISA-INSPIRE Working Group – July Developing a web presence – August Workshops – Autumn INSPIRE – review and update 2014 14

15 Conclusions The EULF aims to improve interoperability and use of location information in the e-government and other sectors There will be direct public sector benefits at MS and EU level and indirect benefits to citizens and businesses Its early days – building the “EULF community” and meeting their needs will be vital

16 If you like to know more… Consult EULF Strategic Vision Document Contact us  to share best practices  to participate in our survey  to be interviewed  to participate to our future workshops and actively share your views and expertise! 16 Thank you

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