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Macro-regions in the EU - towards a Danube Strategy

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1 Macro-regions in the EU - towards a Danube Strategy
Nathalie Verschelde DG Regional Policy 27 October 2009

2 Macro-region…? An area including territory from a number of different countries or regions associated with one or more common features or challenges A macro-region will involve several regions in several countries but the number of MS should be significantly fewer then in the Union as a whole

3 Macro-region strategy…?
An integrated framework that allows the European Union and Member States to identify needs and allocate available resources thus enabling a macro-region to enjoy sustainable environment and optimal economic and social development.

4 Baltic sea macro-region strategy - why?
Initial movement from MS – MEP – state of the water Commitment on highest political level Existing institutions/networks not yielding anticipated results Better alignment of policy development at the European level, at the Baltic level Better co-operation at macro-region level Mechanism to focus attention and resources on agreed priorities and project, not necessarily requiring new funding

5 Baltic sea macro-region strategy - how?
Policy development: European Council Coordination, monitoring and follow-up: European Commission Member State or equivalent to coordinate Priority Areas; Ministry, agency, or other body to lead flagship projects Simple implementation system: making better use of existing institutions, funding, and legislation. Annual Forum with stakeholders No new institutions, no new funding, no new legislation

6 Baltic sea macro-region strategy - how?
Analytical report on the Baltic Sea Region Rolling EU Action Plan for Baltic Sea Region: - Actors responsible Concrete actions to address challenges - Deadlines - Regular reviews 70 actions, 80 flagship projects Better use of existing funding, esp. via EU programmes at all levels but also national, regional, local, IFIs, private sector

7 Danube macro-region strategy – how?
Ingredients (lessons learned from the Baltic Sea exercice): Move from political statements to action; Simple / straightforward approach needed; Integrated approach (not compartmentalised); Use the strong potential for improvement; Stakeholder involvement essential.

8 Danube macro-region strategy – the story so far ?
Summer 2008 : Joint letter AT and RO asking for more coordination of policies and programmes on Danube Oct 2008 : yes letter from Pres. Barroso + Commissioner Huebner's proposal for strategy Early 2009 – idea gathers momentum, many statements and events June 2009 – Council Conclusions request EC to coordinate a Danube Strategy 1 October 2009 – DG Regional Policy as coordinator

9 Danube macro-region strategy – the next steps ?
Going backwards: Spring 2011 :Presidency Conclusions then HU Presidency first half 2011 Sep 2010-Dec 2010: adoption of strategy and launch (ISC, adoption procedure, launch) Apr 2010-Sep 2010: validation of a first draft (esp with MS) Jan-April 2010: formal discussion phase (Stakeholder Conferences, Thematic roundtables, Web consultation) Sep 2009-Dec 2009: start up phase and informal discussions (ad-hoc workshops, meetings)

10 Danube macro-region strategy – What ?
This is principally to be discussed and agreed with the MS, but we have had some thoughts: Connectivity – access to and from Danube, transportation on the Danube, energy connections Environment – water quality, biodiversity, risk prevention and management Unlocking the potential – economic development, education, culture

11 Danube macro-region strategy – what else or what more ?
This is for all of us to contribute to…

12 Thank you

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