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Abuzar Ghaffari Introduction & Training – May 2007 AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY AMS - MATHSCINET.

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1 Abuzar Ghaffari Introduction & Training – May 2007 AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY AMS - MATHSCINET

2 AMS- MathSciNet Introduction Training Please Choose from Menu:

3 American Mathematical Society  Founded in 1888  Mission:  Promote mathematical research and its uses  Strengthen mathematical education  Foster awareness and appreciation of mathematics and its connections to other disciplines and to everyday life  Over 28,000 individual members and 550 institutional members  Professional programs such as:  Meetings and Conferences  Surveys  Employment services  Publications including Mathematical Reviews  Journals  Over 3,000 books in print  Support for Young Scholars Programs  And ….

4 Mathematical Reviews Database  Since 1940  Mathematical Reviews(MR)  Served researchers and scholars in the mathematical sciences  By providing timely information on articles and books that contain new contributions to mathematical research  Is now maintained electronically  Classified according to the 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC)  Over 65,000 reviews or abstracts are published each year

5 What is MathSciNet?  Mathematical Reviews is available to:  Individuals  Institutions That have paid the annual Database Fee (DAF)  The MR database is available:  Electronically on MathSciNet  MathSci on CD  In fact: MathSciNet = Full Electronically Version of MR-database with all Benefits and Components…

6 MathSciNet Homepage w

7 Search Methods Search Terms Publication Types Publish range

8 Authors & Journals Tabs Search MathSciNet by Author Name Search MathSciNet by one of Journal Information

9 Author & Journal Citations Tabs Search MathSciNet by Author Citations Search MathSciNet by Journal Citations

10 Publication Search Advanced Search with All Publication components

11 Search Example 1- For example: Select the review Text field 2- Enter a keyword (example: algorithm) 3- Click on Search button Select Publication Type Select Publish Time

12 Results Page Number of Match Records Current Results Next Pages Download Format Numbers indicate a review is available Author(s) name Source and publish date

13 A Result Components Article No in MathSciNet Author(s) Name Article Title Publication Information (Type, Page, Year, Ver, …) Link to a PDF of review – not the article Journal LinkArticle Link Major Identity of Article in MathSciNet (MR-database)

14 Review of Article Highlighted Keywords

15 PDF Link

16 Clipboard  Useful to collect citations of interest together in one place, and then download them into whichever format you use for your research (ASCII, pdf, BibTeX, etc.)  Can collect up to 500 at any one time

17 Review Styles in MathSciNet  There are 3 styles for reviews in MathSciNet:  Review is available  {A review for this item is in process.}  {There will be no review of this item.}

18 Review Formats & Meta Link For users without a MathSciNet license, Relay Station allows linking from MR numbers in online mathematical literature directly to electronic journals and original articles. Subscribers receive the added value of full MathSciNet reviews.MathSciNet license

19 Many Thanks Abuzar Ghaffari Sales and Marketing Manager Integrated Information Network

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