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MathSciNet Liz Ginno University Library CSU East Bay May 2005.

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1 MathSciNet Liz Ginno University Library CSU East Bay May 2005

2 MathSciNet Basics: –A database of bibliographic information and reviews of mathematical research literature created and maintained by the American Mathematical Society. Includes books, over 1700 journals and serials, and conference proceedings. Material from 1940 onwards. –Includes Current Mathematical Publications (CMP) consists of author and subject indexes with full bibliographic information for each item –Over 10,000 mathematicians around the world are reviewers for MR.

3 MathSciNet Link to it on and off campus: Have your University NetID or AMS membership number ready to log in from off campus.



6 Download format Numbers indicate a review is available Link to a PDF of review – not the article

7 BibTeX format PDF

8 Finding the Full-Text If you have registered with MathSciNet (using your AMS membership), you may be able to open more full-text sources Using the SFX button takes you to the CSUEB Library’s Periodical Locator – a resource that searches through all of our available electronic full-text sources to see if the journal/title is available

9 You pay separately Links out to Library holdings (electronic and print) Takes you to journal webpage Not necessarily available

10 SFX screen




14 Download Screen PDF

15 Download PDF to Print

16 Keeping Current On the FULL search screen, you can limit your search to a specific time period, updates, or recent reviews Or, you can select the type of resource (journals, books, or MSC) you want to search under CURRENT AWARENESS Register with AMS and you can save your search strategies –You can tell your students that they do not have to have an AMS membership to register



19 Clipboard Useful to collect citations of interest together in one place, and then download them into whichever format you use for your research (ASCII, pdf, BibTeX, etc.) Can collect up to 500 at any one time


21 BibTeX format

22 User Profile Users are now able to customize MathSciNet in several different ways. This personalization is available with sign in. For example: –The contents of the Clipboard can be saved indefinitely. –The default search fields in Full and Basic Search can be saved. –The default language can be set. –Whether or not to display reference lists can be set. –Whether or not to display simplified headlines can be set.


24 MathSciNet Usage Statistics Go to: The page is IP authenticated, so when you click on the link from an off-campus computer to open up the usage statistics, you will be asked to provide your name, net ID, and library PIN.

25 Questions? Please feel free to email me any questions you might have regarding information resources – if I don’t know the answer, I will investigate the issue and report back to you as soon as I can. Liz Ginno, X5-2969

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