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Rolling out m. and app – lessons in similarity Tom Ruthven, Digital Library Innovation and Development UNSW Library.

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1 Rolling out m. and app – lessons in similarity Tom Ruthven, Digital Library Innovation and Development UNSW Library

2 Mobile Services at UNSW Library Students always on their mobile devices – continuous wi-fi upgrade Mobile promoted heavily to student demographic Products and expertise available for libraries SMS notifications – UNSW Library –students NEVER read their emails Library map and directory - Abuzz –Tour on website not geared to finding your way round the libraries Mobile App – Boopsie and Ex Libris Primo Web Services for searching –Get in early

3 The University of New South Wales 52,284 students: 15,000 post graduates, 14,199 international students 7,737 staff: 4,200 academics, 3,800 professional 3 campuses; 8 Faculties, 66 Schools, 97 affiliated institutes 300,000 e-books, 900,000 print books 88,250 online journals, <2,000 active print 5,000,000 searches this year

4 Development process Project proposal Stakeholder input Essential and nice-to-have, but pragmatic Approval by senior management Project team Test scripts Deadlines

5 SMS notices iFrame in User Interface (Primo) of borrower record (Aleph bor-update) Second shorter email sent to external SMS service Messages for: –loan due –loan overdue –recall an item on loan to you –reserved item ready for pick up –interlibrary loan ready for pick up –interlibrary loan is being mailed to you –intercampus loan is ready for pick up

6 SMS notices Clearly defined goal Applications well understood by Library University infrastructure in place (SMS vendor) Development and testing expertise

7 Library map and directory

8 Library map and directory Build on existing service (touch screen) Excited, local vendor Android 2.X Buried in app when we had only one library map UNSW corporate branding wasn’t decided for mobile Ownership of maps Moving collection

9 Library map and directory

10 Library app


12 UNSW corporate branding wasn’t yet decided for mobile apps Map coordinates Which colour is yellow? Pictures of Outreach Librarians, Senior Management, and Library buildings Position of Spinner circle hard to see Back button on iOS Items due not in red on iOS Text changes: “My Account” to “MyLibrary”

13 Library app Does not work with iOS2 The yellow screen of death FRBRised records Search results not the same as the web interface –Scope –XML namespace –Web services started to require Institution –Exclusion of “Expand beyond my collections”: initially filtered out then Primo web service –Web services started to require IP Relevance sorting: leave blank Which link for online: GETIT, LINKS, linktorsrc, openurlfulltext, or openurl Last record of the first page is first record on second page Cancel hold/recall does not take effect Can’t renew an item Fine amounts not showing

14 Library app RefTracker from Altarama RSS feed of Library news looks good but not full news item from Blog Library news shows 660 days of news EZProxy: detect Mobile and provide different style sheet SFX: detect Mobile and provide different style sheet DigiTool: ‘I agree’ on copyright page does not take you to item on Android default browser, works on iOS Library guides from Springshare: “How Do I Find” not displaying well e-book readers and mobile devices

15 Library app

16 Working with the rest of the University Icon development Branding rules Listing in other apps Inclusion within other apps: Blackboard UNSW Web Masters Group

17 Working with vendors Very good Very responsive Interested in development that fits needs Happy to share knowledge Time zones Sometimes hard to get attention after development finished Where is the problem?

18 Common lessons Clear, core requirements Project plan Expect to make mistakes Integrate into library business units User feedback Deeper usage reporting Need test environments Continual development Ongoing relationship with vendor(s) Phone platforms

19 Feedback from users ? What is mobile? Refine Search In the Library Online Books Articles Reserve an item My e-shelf Link from catalogue to map

20 Thank you

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