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Lessons On Leadership And Good Governance In PLM.

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1 Lessons On Leadership And Good Governance In PLM

2 PLM is a scholars university created by Congress to cater to the financially-strapped spectrum of the society Distinction as the first tuition-free institution of higher learning in the Philippines. Currently, we have a student population of 10,000. We have 13 colleges and 6 graduate schools, with colleges of law, medicine, nursing, to name a few.

3 Lesson # 1 Leadership Is VISION Leaders must be able to visualize a better future for their organization. They must see beyond limitations and focus on what is achievable.


5 Old Classrooms/Facilities

6 Old Gymnasium

7 Old Restrooms

8 Old Library

9 Old Canteen

10 Walkways under renovation

11 Lesson # 2 Leadership is EMPATHY A leader must walk in the shoes of those he leads. A leader disconnected from his stakeholders will be ineffective.


13 Now, students can do electronic research at the library using FREE online resources. Internet computer stations are now available at the Main Library, at the Medicine Library, and the Graduate School Library.

14 This Administration actively involves the Faculty in the Selection Process. It is our goal to equip our library and boost our book collections to be at par with leading academic libraries in the country.

15 All comfort rooms were installed with soap dispensers. The comfort rooms of the main building were renovated and equipped with an exhaust fan as part of the administrations campaign to engender more hygienic comfort rooms.




19 The Raja Sulayman Gym was renovated to become a state-of-the-art gymnasium.

20 PLM SHUTTLE SERVICE ROUTES BUS 1 Route 1 Route From PLM Route Back to PLM P. Burgos Finance Road Taft Avenue Baclaran F.B. Harrison Mabini St. BUS 2 Route 2 Route From PLM Route Back to PLM P. Burgos Manila City Hall Park N Ride Lawton Quezon Blvd España Welcome Rotonda España Blumentritt Avenida Rizal The Shuttle Service has provided transport to an average of 120 employees daily.




24 Lockers for students Park benches at the University Entrance

25 PLM Pride Hall


27 Mobile signal boosting at deadspots

28 PLM InfoBoard and PLM SIM SMART Cellsite and Wireless Lab

29 Campus-wide Wi-Fi Internet access PLM: 1 st local university to use PowerLine

30 Official PLM email similar to Ivy League universities starting October

31 Benefits the faculty, staff & scholars who ply the higher floors of a 7-storey building.

32 Leadership is ANTI-CORRUPTION Lesson # 3

33 For the nation, increasing the quality and availability of education is vital both to our national security and our domestic well-being. A free nation can rise no higher than the standard of excellence set in its schools and colleges. -President John F. Kennedy, 1963

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