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North Carolina School Social Work Vision

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1 North Carolina School Social Work Vision
To create nurturing relationships with students that enhance academic achievement and personal success as globally productive citizens in the 21st century. We utilize advocacy, leadership and collaboration to promote overall academic success by promoting services that strengthen home, school and community partnerships and alleviate barriers to learning.

2 Parent of a CCS Elementary Student
“Even though I was annoyed when you first made contact with me about my child’s attendance, the minute you started talking with me, my attitude changed. I wasn’t afraid; I wasn’t mad; I wasn’t talked down to. You valued and respected what I had to say, from the very beginning, and I’ll never forget how you helped me. You may be a school social worker, but what I appreciated was the fact that you treated me with respect and you were interested in what I had to say about my child.”

3 Parent Involvement is Vital To School Success
School Social Workers are professionals who routinely work to bring disengaged families/students into the school School Social Workers strengthen the family/school connection and increase parent involvement by establishing clear lines of communication

4 Effective Communication = Positive Results
Working with students in groups or individually Connecting with families in homes and communities Collaborating with school staff to reduce the achievement gap among low-income and minority students Consulting with administrators and central office staff to promote a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment

5 CCS Middle School Student
A teenage mom was introduced to the school social worker by a staff member. She was inspired to become a social worker because of the compassion and fairness demonstrated by the school social worker. “I remember just last year I was a bad girl, but that’s not who I truly am. My life has changed with the help of my school social worker.” Julissia

6 SCHOOL SOCIAL WORK FUNCTIONS School social work services strengthen home, school and community partnerships. Assessment of Student, Family and School Needs Direct Services/Service Delivery Advocacy Consultation and Collaboration Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation Accountability

7 Assessment of Student, Family and School Needs Effectively assess and address needs of students, families and school staff. Interview students, staff and family members to identify needs that affect student learning Review cumulative record contents for student history Observe student/families in multiple settings to address barriers to student learning Partner with agency personnel to address student and/or family needs Collaborate with student services teams to identify gaps in services and design plans consistent with student needs, strengths, diversity and life experiences and social/emotional factors

8 Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation Planning, implementing and evaluating programs that promote student and family success Apply knowledge of environmental factors in planning programs Conduct needs assessments at assigned sites to assess school needs Plan programs to promote a safe, healthy, caring school climate that promotes academic success Assist assigned schools with planning programs that address situations that interfere with student learning

9 Direct Services/Service Delivery Applying social work theories and methods to intervene for student success. Provide services to students in ways that build on individual strengths and offers opportunities to take ownership in the planning and direction of their own learning experience Utilize practices such as assessment, crisis intervention and response, home visits, individual and group counseling, conflict resolution, graduation awareness and coordination of school and community services to promote student success

10 Advocacy Ensuring that appropriate services are in place for students and families.
Advocate on behalf of students, families, and the school system using appropriate statutes, case law, policies and procedures Assist students and their families in gaining access to formal and informal community resources Use research and technology to assist students, families, schools and communities

11 Effective Advocacy ….can best be accomplished when school social workers keep informed about court decisions, legislation, rules, regulations and policies and procedures that impact school social work practice. NASW Standards for Practice School Social Work Services

12 Advocacy = Empowered, Informed Voices
In Cabarrus County Schools, effective advocacy requires an awareness and understanding of many federal and state mandates, including: Child Abuse and Neglect policies/laws McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) NC Compulsory Attendance Laws No Child Left Behind Act NC ABC’s CCS Strategic Plan IDEA Section 504 Response to Intervention

13 Consultation and Collaboration Consulting and collaborating with key stakeholders on behalf of students and their families. Work with internal and external individuals, agencies and groups to develop programs or systems of care that support and enhance the health, social and emotional well-being, and safety of students Promote collaboration among community health and mental health service providers and facilitate student access to these services Join with stakeholders to build effective school-community teams and orient community providers to school climate, culture, structure and to the laws and regulations governing practice in the educational setting 13

14 Accountability Advocate and contribute to school social worker accountability for outcomes aligned with local, state and federal policies. Conform to the NASW Code of Ethics and Standards for School Social Work practice Maintain accurate case records and documentation Evaluate practice and disseminate findings to key stakeholders in order to maximize the effectiveness of services and resources provided to students Maintain a working knowledge of federal and state laws and regulations, particularly those with an emphasis on child welfare, mental health, confidentiality and student/parent rights 14

15 Cabarrus County Schools’ Social Workers
Fully licensed by the NC Department of Public Instruction in School Social Work at the following levels: Advanced Master of Social Work Master’s Degree Bachelor’s Degree

16 Organizational Chart CCS School Social Work

17 Collaborative Efforts in the Community
Collaborative Efforts in the Community Agency partnerships include, but are not limited to: Department of Human Services Cooperative Christian Ministry Cardinal Innovations Department of Juvenile Justice CMC - Northeast Children’s Advocacy Center Cabarrus Arts Council Local Law Enforcement Cabarrus County Court System CVAN

18 Collaborative Efforts in the Community
Collaborative Efforts in the Community Agency partnerships include, but are not limited to…… Jr. Charity League/Clothing Closet Mental Health Agencies Cabarrus Health Alliance Teen Court-Mediation Center Salvation Army Communities In Schools Cabarrus Partnership for Children Hispanic Outreach Big Brothers & Big Sisters ARC

19 CCS School Social Workers Through the Years Highlights and Milestones
School and Community Resource Manual Child Abuse & Neglect Policy CCS and DSS Memorandum of Understanding Child Abuse Prevention - Touch Safety Program; Blue Ribbon Campaign Youth Action for Peace Prom Boutique After - School Initiatives Active Parenting Classes Outdoor Experiential/Adventure Activities State Level Advocacy (revision of the school social work job description) School Social Work Internships through our partnership with UNCC K-8 Attendance Policy Truancy Court Initiative School Social Work Department Manual- Best Practices SAM Campaign (School Attendance Matters!)

20 Service Challenges School assignments range from 3-4 schools per social worker Limited time at assigned schools results in fragmented service delivery when addressing issues impacting academic achievement Timely follow-up with administrators and school staff is hindered by heavy and complex workloads

21 Looking Ahead Reducing social worker to student ratios (NC DPI is reviewing a plan to establish a ratio of 1 to 800) Mental Health Reform and delivery of services in the schools Substance abuse education and services Truancy Court implemented in Critical Incident Stress Management

22 We Can Make A Difference!
“ In spite of the many problems permeating the schools, there is enough flexibility in the system today for one creative, energetic social worker to make a significant difference in the lives of thousands of children.” Norma Radin -School Social Work Practitioner and Educator

23 Heather Bradley LaRhonda Bryson
Prepared by CCS School Social Workers Heather Bradley LaRhonda Bryson Doug Carr Aronda-Dunlap Elder Melissa Gallimore Lenee Mann LeTecia Ray Michael Sutton Matthew Weisner Nina Wilkerson Jacobia Williams Visit our website at CCS Homepage/Departments/Student Services/School Social Work

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