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"I remember drawing at a very early age. I loved it. And my parents and teachers told me I was good at it - that made me love it all the more. Author Study.

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Presentation on theme: ""I remember drawing at a very early age. I loved it. And my parents and teachers told me I was good at it - that made me love it all the more. Author Study."— Presentation transcript:

1 "I remember drawing at a very early age. I loved it. And my parents and teachers told me I was good at it - that made me love it all the more. Author Study Heather Hough Children’s Literature

2 Mouse books Kevin is famous for his mouse books. Click on a picture and it will take you to a page about the book. Meet Kevin

3 Back to Mouse Books Chrysanthemum loves her name but when she goes to school people giggle and make fun of her. Chrysanthemum starts to wish her name wasn’t so unique until she learns what her music teacher Mrs. Twinkle’s name is. *Lets children know it is ok to be different*

4 Back to Mouse Books Chester and William have their own way of doing everything. Everything they do they do together. That’s the way it was at least until Lilly moved into the neighborhood. She had her own way of doing everything. *Shows cooperation and that there is never just one way to do something. *

5 Back to Mouse Books Julius’ parents say he is the “baby of the world”. His older sister Lilly disagrees. She thinks he is disgusting, but when Cousin Garland has some things to say about Julius, Lilly has a change of heart. *Good book for siblings who are going to have a new baby in the house.*

6 Back to Mouse Books Lilly loves everything, even her stinky baby brother. She loves school and most of all she loves her teacher Mr. Slinger. One day Lilly is misbehaving and Mr. Slinger has to take away her new purple plastic purse. She gets very mad and no longer likes school or her teacher. In the end Lilly learns her lesson and goes back to loving school. “Shows that even a little problem isn’t the end of the world*

7 Back to Mouse Books Owen has a yellow blanket named Fuzzy that goes everywhere he goes. When Owen starts to get too old for a blanket he gets very upset. What will Owen do without his blanket? Owen’s mother knew just what to do with his blanket when it was time to start school. *This is an issue every child has to go through whether it is a blanket or something else. Very realistic story. *

8 Back to Mouse Books Sheila Rae wasn’t afraid of anything. She didn’t like to share with her scaredy-cat little sister. But what happens when she finds herself lost…luckily her sister wasn’t far behind. *Helps kids appreciate their siblings. *

9 Back to Mouse Books Wemberly worried about everything. Big things, little things, and things in between. When it is time to start school Wemberly worries even more. How will she survive her day of school? *Helps with the anxiety of the first day of school.*

10 Back to Mouse Books Wendell is spending the weekend at Sophie’s house and he must make up all the rules. He plays tricks on Sophie. When Wendell decides to give Sophie a new hairdo with shaving cream Sophie comes up with a game of her own that leaves even Wendell speechless. *Cooperation and making friends*

11 “Behind each open book is a wide-open heart, one readers can’t help but respond to, that makes all of Henkes’s books of special value to children.” -Publisher Weekly

12 Born in Racine, Wisconsin in November 1960 Attended University of Wisconsin at Madison Currently lives in Madison with his wife Laura and their son and daughter Remembers drawing at an early age and was encouraged by his parents and teachers It was while he was a junior in high school that he decided to combine his love for books and his drawing talent. At the age of 19 he flew to New York with his portfolio to find a publisher. His first book All Alone was published in 1981.

13 *Henkes says he always comes up with the story first and the illustrations come second. *His drawings come from the security he felt at his home when growing up. *He uses the mice to accurately portray how children act. *He takes some of his characters from everyday life. For example he once saw a girl in an airport bothering her father with a purple purse that played music. This turned into Lilly’s purple plastic purse. *Henkes continues to rely on pen and ink drawing with watercolor “It is Henkes' keen eye and ear and his gentle warmth and wit that keep his books fresh and his readers coming back for more. (“

14 Henkes has his own warm style that draws people to his stories. They relate to common things that happen to all of us on a daily basis. It is very easy for children to relate to his books and his cheerful illustrations make them all the more enjoyable. All of Henkes’ books are useful as read- alouds in the classroom. After the story is read the class can talk about the issues brought up in the story and how it relates to them.

15 Henkes states: “My main goal is to create books that please me. But of course I’m happy when teachers, parents, or librarians thank me because for them one of my books says something important about tolerance, loyalty, or individuality. But I’m most pleased when children tell me that they loved one of my books, that it made them laugh, that they sleep with it under their pillow.”

16 Bibliography Henkes, Kevin. Chester’s Way New York: Greenwillow Books, 1988. Henkes, Kevin. Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse New York: Greenwillow Books, 1996. Henkes, Kevin. Owen New York: Greenwillow Books, 1993. Henkes, Kevin. Sheila Rae, The Brave New York: Greenwillow Books, 1987. Henkes, Kevin. A Weekend with Wendell New York:Greenwillow Books, 1986. Henkes, Kevin. Wemberly Worried New York: Greenwillow Books, 2000.

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